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Subj: Rocket Raccoon and Groot #9: Part 2 of 3...
Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2016 at 07:06:15 pm EDT (Viewed 188 times)
Reply Subj: Your excellent review has me contemplating a purchase of this obviously fine issue because - GWENPOOL!!!
Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 at 05:54:43 pm EDT (Viewed 207 times)

Or as Gwenpool would file it...

Tree and Squirrel #9

Fun cover homage because it plays off nicely with the deliciously moanworthy "GONE WITH THE GWEN'D" title.
Gwen does a funny Recap Page of her own for the readers that is hilariously part of the actual story.
Gwen's reason for not participating in CWII.
More barking banter between Carol and Rocket. And we clearly see that this is a new untold alien invasion of NY. (Hmm... are those N'Gari?)
More communicator hijinx.
Rocket and Gwenpool negotiating a peace.
Needlessly kicking down the doggy door. And then the bathroom door gets it. And then Ruth's comment about doors.
Reece is an appropriately scary enemy.
Break for ice cream.
Gwen babbles perfect sci-fi cliches to solve a tech problem as if she (may or may not) believes it's helpful and not classic jargon trope.
More breaking the 4th wall in front of the bewildered cast.
Cool power and visual for it and barfing side effect afterwards.
Gaspworthy 1st attack what Reece does to Groot.
Not a team!
"More interaction Ruth and Chammy to cheer for. They deserve at least a nomination for the Marvel Couple of 2016.
The end had some spot on emotions with the heroes parting and then the welcome twist why this 3parter is not over in 2!

This issue was just as fun as last one BUT it had a lot more NITS to pick. If check-list worked last time maybe compare those high points. As for the low, how 'bout this x-list...

The art was less appealing as it looked more an indifferent effort.
It's appreciated to learn Reece was same race as Chammy on the Recap Page but it would have been nicer if it was made clear in the story itself.
Poor coloring on Sasquatch had me thinking it was Beast for a sec.
Guess it's up to readers to assume Chammy slipped out a window past everyone? Or maybe even before they got there while his wife was by the door?
It was surprisingly fun to root for Chammy against Reece but the choreography of evading his gunshots was too unclear. Was it simple speed or super speed - or some other reason for the misses? And then his second method to defy Reece was equally powerful a moment.
"FREEZE SUCKA" was good to hear again but it was momentarily unclear that he was talking to Chammy not Reece with that panel flow.
While getting hit with a car is a standard black comedy bit it seemed a bit cruel for Groot to do here.
While it's appropriate that Rocket Raccoon has a rocket the rocket-in-his-feet-? sequence was terrible and baffling.
Reece pulling scythes and flarebombs from somewhere under his cloak is fair enough but adding an Earth Cigarette Lighter to his "Batbelt" felt a bit much.
The flashback panel to Ruth and Chammy meeting definitely could have used a different style bordering.
The 2nd gaspworthy attack against Groot was ruined but the unclear way that he was suddenly extinguished.
Gwen's perfect logic for calling her writer a perv.
Removing Gwen's sword from Groot needed a scene by itself instead who knows how it apparently/suddenly was removed at the end.
The biggest problem with maintaining Gwenpool's likability despite her trying alt-moral ways was indifference with her suggestion to let the bad guy - who just tried to kill her and hurt her 'team'- just get away.

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