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Subj: Re: Fantastic 3: Moongirl and Devil Dino
Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 at 07:34:19 pm EST (Viewed 119 times)
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      Because Reed has been gone.


    But that was 2006, Reed was still around as the FF wallowed in humility

What was 2006? You lost me. Annihilation was 2006, if that's what you mean. But you identified Annihilation as an instance of respect. Ah - OK - you're saying that post-Annihilation it's all been wallowing in humility. Gotcha.

Civil War was contemporary with Annihilation and was repugnant for any number of reasons, notably its shoddy, almost criminal portrayal of Reed Richards. Mark Millar gets the blame for that and it's considerable. Interestingly, he was made to do penance for it, by writing the FF comic. In Millar's FF run, Reed was portrayed as practically a god. As a result, Ben, Johnny, and Sue were almost inevitably portrayed as demigods, because when you associate with a god, you will tend to be portrayed either as a lickspittle or as a demigod. The latter was the case in Millar's run.

Everything hinges on Reed. When Reed is portrayed as someone who can outthink Galactus, the FF, out of necessity, are portrayed as a unique coalescence of all the highest potential of the backwater species that turns away galactic conquerors routinely. The Kree, the Skrulls, they keep trying, and keep getting booted out of the solar system with their tails between their legs, because humanity just doesn't know how to lose - and that essence, that invincibility despite ludicrous odds, is carried mysteriously by a team with no thunder god and a mere four members, because among the four is the most frightening mortal any conqueror has ever faced in any place or time.

Ben and Johnny have always been played for comic relief, even to the point of behaving like buffoons. How else can we describe the kindergarten antics of one of them chasing the other through every room of the Baxter Building, scenes that go all the way back to Stan and Jack. That they get played for comic relief in various comics nowadays is not surprising nor even regrettable. It's who they've always been. It just isn't all of who they've always been. And so we also get Johnny becoming the paramour of the Queen of Attilan. Now I personally was turned off by that, but nevertheless, she's the Queen of Attilan, and she did not feel denigrated to have Johnny Storm at her side. We get Ben doing exactly what he truly wants to do, which is explore the galaxy as a free-spirited adventurer, a bunch of brave comrades at his side. Bendis got that one thing right, by some astonishing fluke. Traveling galactic space with the Guardians of the Galaxy was exactly what Ben would want to do if there were no FF. So he may be a bit of a clown, but he's also someone who gets what he wants. Exactly what he wants.

I just hope the return of Reed Richards, when it happens, is treated as the world-shaking event it truly is. That will be the litmus test. Reed should return with no less of a mission than to save the Earth. As the story progresses, he should wield the Avengers and the X-Men as he has always wielded Ben, Johnny, and Sue - with finesse and incomprehensible genius. Tony Stark should be around to take part, and should be portrayed as doing what Reed says because Reed said it, despite not fully understanding it. Moon Girl, Amadeus Cho, Valeria, all the other super-geniuses, they should all be thunderstruck by what Reed is conceiving and executing like some grand maestro whose symphony orchestra is every hero and heroine on the third rock from the sun. Whatever conqueror has come around this time to get owned by humanity will keep asking, "Reed Richards? Who is this human? I keep hearing of him. Usually when one of my master plans has unaccountable unraveled."

That's what I'm waiting for. I hope Marvel gives it to us. If they do, we'll know the future is bright once again for the FF.

Everything hinges on Reed. Always on Reed.

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