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Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 at 07:37:49 am EST (Viewed 259 times)
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    I'm also a bit disappointed with Johnny losing his powers again. It was such a contrast to read this after reading this week's Uncanny Avengers where he's flying around with Rogue. That looks like an interesting relationship. I hope it's followed up on at some point.

My guess is, we're going to learn that Johnny's powers are somehow tied to his overall emotional state. My second guess is, we're going to learn that all of the FF are more cosmically tied together than we have suspected. This would mean that all of the FF (not just Johnny) will be slowly losing their powers until they reunite.

A power tether? Booooooooo! \:\) If that was the case, Ben would have wasted away during his MTIO adventures or died when he was on weirdworld after the first secret wars.

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