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So I reread SWars (Not Secret Invasion or Secret War or Secret Wars, Too or Secret Wars II or Secret Defenders or Secret Wars Journal or Secret Santa) and it looks like per Reed's last minute conversation with Sue that Owen secretly (MORE SECRETS!) saved everyone on the rafts and stashed them away somewhere.

I'm still so very confused on why they need to explore and document the new realities Frank's creating and Reed is using his omnipotence to toss into the sky, that's like saying "I'm baking a cake, when I'm done we'll have to discover what ingredients I used and how to cook it!". I mean, if they don't comprehend the process then that's pretty irresponsible creating all these places without knowing if it's a terrible, horrible idea/place.

And they just mention that Ben and John's stories aren't over yet, however it sure seems Dragon Man and all those kids' stories MUST be over because they're keeping them around.

I guess they were trying to play loose and easy so other writers could do what they wanted, but overall I gotta think that was the lamest reboot yet in the long run. But this conversation was probably old by late summer last year.

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