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Subj: Re: OK: Set me straight on Secret Wars, Incursions and who is what
Posted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 at 11:39:39 am CST (Viewed 219 times)
Reply Subj: OK: Set me straight on Secret Wars, Incursions and who is what
Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 at 12:05:35 pm CST (Viewed 279 times)

    I thought I got it, but I just don't.

    Everyone other than the Illuminati and their passengers died prior to Battle World?

    So Reed was really Reed, but the rest of the 4 and his family died? Or were those really Frank and Val?

    Then when Reed won he.. RECREATED everyone? Who are the Sue and kids with him? Originals? New ones?

    Ben, Johnny and everyone else is a recreation? Doom is Doom or is he NuDoom?

    If Reed and Sue and the kids came back into the comics, would they be super Cosmic Creationists or would they be another recreation of themselves?

    Is there a straight answer or is it all as confusing as it looks from the surface?

Hickman's New Avengers and to a lesser extent Avengers were where the bulk of the Incursions stories started and it sort of made sense until right before Secret Wars where it just stopped making sense.

A lot of the story threads he built up in those 2 books just sort of got dropped and weren't resolved in Secret Wars.

Like how could Doom be Rabum Alal? We were told that Rabum Alal's reality stopped existing and that what was what caused the breakdown in the multiverse. The multiverse broke down because a timeline disappeared leaving other realities bumping into each other.

What was Black Swan's goal. They implied she wanted to clone her relatives from another earth but I don't think that went anywhere and when that explanation was given it seemed out of left field.

What was Pod's connection to the incursions?

How were the Zebra people, the Gardners, Ex Nihlo, Abyss, the White Event, Captain Universe, Starbrand, Nightmask, Hickman's Hyperion, the teleporter Manifolds etc connected to the incursions. Some stuff like the Mapmakers, the Black Priests, the Ivory Kings, the Black Swans and Rabum Alal were sort of explained (badly) but a lot wasn't IMO. The Gardeners in particular seemed important to the story at the beginning and meant nothing by the end.

How could Doom beat the Beyonders? They were implied to be stronger than the Living Tribunal. They killed him after all.

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