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Reply Subj: Fantastic 3: Moongirl #26 - She's the Smartest - just ask her
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Peeked into the latest episode of Fantastic 3 Moongirl. Awful. The writing is complete rubbish. Johnny and Ben serve almost no purpose at all except to serve as comedic fodder.

DO YOU hate how Valeria is portrayed? Then you should avoid Moongirl at all cost. It is about 10 times worse on the smart-assed kid scale.

This issue features The Thing quite a bit, so if you want a visual Thing-palooza, take a look. But Ben is portrayed as a complete bumbling idiot along with Johnny.

Moongirl tells you over an over how Reed wasn't even in her league. Even Galactus pays a visit to let you know that Moongirl is "The Smartest that Ever Was". He then tells Moongirl that a new threat of threats is coming. Here's where it get's really lame. The new threat is something even more powerful than Galactus. It is "Omnipotentus"! Yes, you heard me right. Somehow, the lazy Marvel writer borrowed an old schtick from "The Tick" cartoon series, where Galactus is lampooned as Omnipotus. Remember this gem?

This featurette is a lost cause and I won't be following it any longer. Way too silly. Juvenile stuff. An abuse of the Ben and Johnny as characters. Sad.

So.. this pretty much proves that this book is NOT canon, yes?

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