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Subj: Re: FF in print for 2018?
Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 at 06:55:10 pm EST (Viewed 303 times)
Reply Subj: Re: FF in print for 2018?
Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 at 09:38:54 pm EST (Viewed 290 times)

    Did the comic have good sales? I haven't found any data via googling.

Think it's too early for sales. Going by the overall reviews of the book.
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      If so, will MTIO continue? Will it be the Cosmic Richards family and the Foundation kids or something different?

    Now that Ben and Johnny are back in action as a duo, I'm not in a rush for the FF book to resume, as I don't think Marvel knows how to do that book, and I don't think readers are geared up to buy it in big numbers.

Well, the fact is it was selling in bigger numbers than a lot of books that weren't uncerimoniously scrapped. But to your point, would it become a top seller in the giant mosh pit of Marvel's printings? Probably not.

    Ben and Johnny seem the likeliest to develop a following among current readers. The current writer and artist seem well chosen. I'd like to see this experiment play out.

I agree, they've always been my favorites and always will be. And I think the Richards clan is BEYOND being brought back into a regular book again. Might as well write a book about Celestials.

    If I were Marvel, I'd do 12 issues of Marvel 2-in-1 and in the 12th issue I would have Sue and Valeria show up. Not Reed and not Franklin. Then I would change the name of the book to Marvel 3-in-1 (or maybe 4-in-1) and focus on Ben, Johnny, Sue, and Valeria for 12 issues. (The premise would be that Sue and Valeria were needed on Earth but Reed is still needed in his role with Franklin, who would still be churning out universes, which, granted, is ridiculous, but that's the story we have, so I'd run with it.)

Val? VAL?!?!?! AHHH! Why is it always HER?!?
Not my favorite, liked her when she said things like, 'Coo'.

    Reed is the problem as far as the readership is concerned, I think. I say this despite loving him as a character and believing that he in fact is the very essence of the Fantastic Four, being aptly named Mister Fantastic. But I strongly suspect he is by far the least popular of the foursome. And I don't think Marvel has any idea how to increase his popularity.

Well Reed's just another smart guy in a universe filled with smart guys. And now we have the all powerful Moon girl, so what's the point?

    What I would like to see is whether Ben, Johnny, Sue, and Valeria can develop a following. Hopefully Marvel will be smart enough to make Valeria more likable. She doesn't have to be irritating. Writers have made her that way and writers can stop making her that way. Just say she outgrew her earlier abrasiveness. She's a child. She can outgrow things.

I understand not bringing Franklin the Universe Dreamer into the fray, but I could see bringing in a character OF him, Avatar or something, which is a small piece of him that yearned for the 'simple' adventures he enjoyed as a non omnipotent kid.

I don't know how Sue would be happy with just her one child (cough, cough.. put in her womb by her son, cough), that'd be a cruel thing to do to her.

I'd much prefer a NEW Fantastic Four, as we've had in the past. I think Medusa and Crystal are too far along in the complicated relationship stream of Johnny. I'd LOVE to have Lyja return, and for a techy whoitchamacallit maybe Christoff.

There could be stories where the New FF interact with the Richards clan, but aside from the whole 'Legacy' concept I kind of agree that maybe the orignal FF isn't what would sell the best in today's crowded market.

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