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Subj: Re: FF in print for 2018?
Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 at 06:50:03 am EST (Viewed 331 times)
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      Now that Ben and Johnny are back in action as a duo, I'm not in a rush for the FF book to resume, as I don't think Marvel knows how to do that book, and I don't think readers are geared up to buy it in big numbers.

    Well, the fact is it was selling in bigger numbers than a lot of books that weren't uncerimoniously scrapped. But to your point, would it become a top seller in the giant mosh pit of Marvel's printings? Probably not.

And if it's not at least a top 30 book, Marvel won't be satisfied and will keep trying crazy things. I hate the crazy things. I just want a normal comic that tells normal stories. I don't want a story about how Reed went nuts and took over the world. Or Reed went nuts and turned all humans into fish-people. Or Reed went nuts and traded the Earth to Annihilus for the answer to some scientific riddle.

Hmm. You know what those story ideas sound like? DC Silver Age stories. But when Silver Age DC did stories like that, it was a done-in-one. When modern Marvel does a story like that, it will drag for six issues and probably cross over with a bunch of other titles.

I don't want these crazy things. I just want superheroes fighting supervillains while trying to have reasonably happy lives.


      Ben and Johnny seem the likeliest to develop a following among current readers. The current writer and artist seem well chosen. I'd like to see this experiment play out.

    I agree, they've always been my favorites and always will be. And I think the Richards clan is BEYOND being brought back into a regular book again. Might as well write a book about Celestials.

Hmm. I didn't think you'd say that. More on my surprise below.

    Val? VAL?!?!?! AHHH! Why is it always HER?!?
    Not my favorite, liked her when she said things like, 'Coo'.

I really think Val could be written endearingly. Just give her normal human emotions and eliminate her superiority complex. She needs to come to the realization that being a super-genius is simply her super power. Uncle Johnny's super power is fire. Mom's is invisibilty and force fields. Dad's is stretching and super-genius. Uncle Ben's is super strength and durability. And hers is being a super-genius. That's her contribution. That's how she helps her family survive and save the day. She needs to learn to think in terms of teamwork. She can learn this. She's a kid. She just needs to grow up a little. Every kid needs to grow up a little. It's normal. But of course what's really needed is a writer who can imagine a super-smart kid who isn't obnoxious.

It doesn't help that DC has Damien Wayne who is fairly popular despite being obnoxious. But Damien is written very carefully by very thoughtful writers. We know that Damien has a big mouth and an inflated ego but we also know that he would instantly risk his life for anyone at any time; I.e., he's a true hero; and we know he is deeply attached to his father, to Dick Grayson, to Alfred, and to his various pets. Not only do we know it, but Bruce, Dick, and Alfred know it. It requires some subtle and thoughtful writing. What we got in the Fantastic Four was the farthest thing from subtlety and thoughtfulness. But that's not the character's fault. It's the writers' fault.

    Well Reed's just another smart guy in a universe filled with smart guys. And now we have the all powerful Moon girl, so what's the point?

Reed was always one smart guy among many. Tony Stark, T'Challa, Hank Pym, Bruce Banner, Hank McCoy - all are geniuses. But Reed was something else as well. He was a visionary. What he built, no one else would even have imagined. I've actually always considered this a result of the cosmic rays. Marvel never stated this, of course. But I think, for lack of a better way of putting it, Reed's brain stretches.

    I understand not bringing Franklin the Universe Dreamer into the fray, but I could see bringing in a character OF him, Avatar or something, which is a small piece of him that yearned for the 'simple' adventures he enjoyed as a non omnipotent kid.

Thing is, Franklin the normal kid can never contribute. He's always just a "damsel in distress." That's why I prefer Valeria. She can contribute.

    I don't know how Sue would be happy with just her one child (cough, cough.. put in her womb by her son, cough), that'd be a cruel thing to do to her.

She doesn't have to never see him. I was picturing some ability for her to visit Reed and Franklin pretty often. Some sort of teleportation device. Franklin could never join her on adventures any way. The kid was always with babysitters. This wouldn't be that different.

    I'd much prefer a NEW Fantastic Four, as we've had in the past. I think Medusa and Crystal are too far along in the complicated relationship stream of Johnny. I'd LOVE to have Lyja return, and for a techy whoitchamacallit maybe Christoff.

You surprise me when you say that. I assumed you wanted the classic team to return.

Once we allow for a new line-up, with Ben and Johnny as the bridge between old and new, you know who Marvel is setting up for membership, right?

Victor Von Doom.

Oh - and of course we need Thundra. That's a foregone conclusion.

(Just kidding. Two super strong members is pointless.)

Lyja would be great on the team. I would prefer Sue. But if I can't have Sue, then I would choose Lyja.

    There could be stories where the New FF interact with the Richards clan, but aside from the whole 'Legacy' concept I kind of agree that maybe the orignal FF isn't what would sell the best in today's crowded market.

Your concept of the Richards clan as a separate entity for the long haul is very interesting. Thing is, they could pop up anywhere. They could become a staple of cosmic event sagas.

No quoted text, but yeah. The more I think about the Richards Family the more it seems they've moved on past the mundane Earth bound/oriented Marvel Universe. Going back to that lifestyle is like me going back to some job I had when I was in my 20's, just a pointless and fruitless endeavor (unless that job was writer at a comics company but Stan Lee brainwashed me to forget it with his ultra mesmo 70's hypno-shades! Don't think so, though)

Given the audacity of Moon Girl actually makes me pine for the Val perspective sometimes, even she's been to the point of creating universes now, dealing with Uncle Vic (who has also moved beyond this stuff, he should be more of their cosmic counterweight than who he is now) and some new iteration of Quazimodo bent on stealing bank vaults is beneath her. "There's a triplicated rip in the fabric of spacetime threatening to divide the galaxy into 10 independant realities whose frequencies will cause universal decay. Yeah, give me a needle and some green thread, I've seen this like six times before, easy fix."

Dragging them down just doesn't work that well. It's not belittleing, really, just not their place. You need someone who is really good at local law enforcement, someone who can keep utilities running, and someone who manages the school systems etc in a community. In the Marvel community Reed and company have just been written to a place where they'd be forcing themselves into the wrong career if they came home and moved back into the Baxter Building.

That being said, it'll probably happen. Maybe not in 2018, but look at Peter Parker. I don't read it but it seems like the illusion of change has boomeranged something serious on that guy.

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