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Subj: Re: I don't think youunderstood him.
Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 at 02:57:06 am EST (Viewed 229 times)
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    He didn't say he isn't a villain, he said that he isn't a criminal.

    He has been making this point about world domination not being a crime since... at least when Marvel first got a website and had little videos explaining it.

    And, he's right. The example he gives is apt, a cop can't stop a guy from wanting to take over the world.

Is it apt? I mean Doom wanting to take over the world isn't the problem. I kinda want the same thing. But Doom commits numerous crimes in other countries that are not his own to facilitate his desire for world conquest. His desire to rule is for the most part irrelevant. The crimes he commits to achieve that goal are where legality enters the equation. He's often committing acts of terror outside of Latveria. The sad fact is the United States or the European Union don't have a mechanism to bring despots like that to justice (aside from toppling their governments and throwing the countries into chaos) even in the real world if they're heads of state. But he's still committing terrorism and general crimes.

    More importantly, nobleman doesn't mean a person who acts nobly, it means a royal. And Dr. Doom is a royal, and there for free from prosecution for most crimes any way. Usually attempted murder/attempted mass murder, would over ride that.

    The point is that he isn't a criminal by law... not that he is a good person.

    Admittedly, I didn't watch the episode, I looked it up after reading this, and just had a guy reading a quote.

    I always viewed him as a guy who views himself as noble, wants to be noble... but isn't.

Yeah he's not descended from a royal family. He's descended from the Roma (gypsies) who aren't viewed positively. He's king because he killed the rightful king and seized power. I'm sure the other royal families in Europe in the MU don't like him because he's Roma more than because he's a tyrant or an usurper....they've all had their share of that in their own histories.

(you know I would think Doctor Doom being Roma AND a king would be an important combination. Has any real world Roma ever been king of a country before and been allowed to embrace their Roma heritage?)

    He likes the illusion. He likes the Delusion.

Which to me is a little sick. I'm sure the king wasn't Roma. Instead of breaking the aristocracy that marginalized the Roma in Latveria he kept it going so it could benefit him. Instead of bringing about a new enlightenment to his country he uses the systems of the old monarchy to continue to stifle people in his kingdom. He's a Roma playing at being king instead of improving the plight of his people or his kingdom as a whole. Zorba's family really did win...they may have lost control but Latveria is still just as crappy a kingdom as it always was.

Yet more often then not, we've seen things get worse when Doom is out of power in Latveria. He wouldn't have had the people rallying around him as we saw in detail in Books of Doom if they loved the current ruling family. Both successors to King Vladimir, Rodolpho and Zorba, were found to be lacking. Rodolpho reformed before he was killed by the Red Skull. Prince Zorba grew paranoid and began to oppress the people using the same guardian robots (not Doombots) that Doom used. Recall that one of them killed Kristoff's mother. John Byrne shows us a Doom more like those few panels in his origin. He is respected if not loved by the people, more so than the Hassens, heriditary ruling family of Latveria. All the heirs are gone now and the people have come to accept Doom's reign as an improvement over the Hassans. Byrne is very clear about that and even recently, Bendis shows us the people still have loyalty for Doom even though he's not ruled Latveria since he became Infamous Iron Man.

He had appointed Latverian's highest ranking general to establish a new government but unfortunately for the people General Karadick proved to be more of an opportunist that had his troops confiscate most of the assets like medical supplies, food etc and was withholding them from the people. Ben came across a child scavenging in the ruins of the city. There must have been some kind of conflict in Doom's absence but Bendis never really tells us any details

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