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    ...if not Reed and Sue, then who?

    My first vote goes to Lyja. A Skrull is a good replacement for Reed's stretching ability (not a one for one but at least it's a shape power) and from what I gather, Lyja and Johnny have a real shot at rekindling their romance.

She's the last thing those two need. She was the one thing that nearly tore their friendship apart. Even after she was exposed as not being Alicia she still stalked Johnny and Ben still had feelings for her.

    My next vote would be... Darkhawk. Yes, Darkhawk. He has a force field! And he's a cosmic character. The FF are a cosmic team! Not only because they were given their powers by cosmic rays, mind you. The FF have often been Earth's first line of defense against extra-terrestrial threats like Annihilus, the Kree, the Skrulls, Galactus, Overmind, and, scariest of all, the Impossible Man.

    I would go so far as to integrate the FF with SWORD, which, unless things have changed, would tie them in with Captain Marvel, who has a movie coming. I'm sure we could work Abigail Brand in somehow.

    I like the FF best when they're dealing with aliens.

    What two characters would you add in, if Reed and Sue were unavailable?

Kristoff (Reed's half brother). And every team needs what It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia calls "the useless chick". So I would add in Black Panther's sister. She sucks and would contribute nothing but she would make them look ethnically I assume she brings a lot money to the table. Who needs fancy powers when you've got a rich country's wealth to support you.

I'll split ya down the middle. Lyja (she earned her place and made up for the ruse many times over) and Kristoff with a new ID. Wasn't he under some mental whammy from Doom last we saw him? (early Hickman story, haven't been able to 'Waid' through the whole series yet)

Hope you aren't saying Sue was the useless female! \:\)

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