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Ben and Doom.
It AMAZES me that Victor and the FF ever work together in any functional amount. He's tried to murder them over and over. Imagine someone who'd abducted and tortured members of your family, forced the death of one of them (who magically returned). It's insane. Ben is the smart one here, and Johnny, too. I still say Johnny could take Doom out (when not depowered) by modulating temperatures on him too dramatically to compensate. Doom keeps coming out on top, but we haven't seen him have to deal with a Ben dead set on doing just what he mentioned here. Doom underestimates him, but one day that Hulk/Loki scenario from the Avengers movie should play out. He'd be lucky to only have his hands crushed.

For wars, heck, we're in 2018 (really? I lose track) 98 was 20 years ago! We're so far along they could have been involved in the Iraq situation.

I'm hoping Doof really is clueless as to the device, I don't want him tagging along any more.

And oh, yes. Loved it. Except for the Johnny Flame out, thing. That's irksome.

As to Johnny flaming out, I noticed it happened when he mentioned saving Sue and Reed. Maybe this is psychological?
Its been a long time since Ben got a victory one on one against Doom. I don't think Johnny ever has and I would not mind seeing it happen sometime.