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Subj: Re: #1 was #8!
Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 at 02:50:35 am EST (Viewed 357 times)
Reply Subj: #1 was #8!
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    The first issue broke the top 10! It'll be very interesting to see where #2 lands. Will it hold the audience? I know I picked up a couple of the alternate covers, but do those count towards sales? They were chasers, I think. I saw a listing for the lenticular cover of SnoozeDay Clock, but nothing reflecting the other covers for MTIO or anything else that must have had alts like Phoenix or Venom


    1 168.04 $4.99 DC Doomsday Clock #2(2017)
    2 161.64 $3.99 DC Dark Nights: Metal #4(2017)
    3 153.69 $4.99 MAR Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #1(2017)
    4 100.00 $2.99 DC Batman #36 (2016)
    5 98.43 $2.99 DC Batman #37(2016)
    6 77.00 $3.99 DC Batman: White Knight #3(2017)
    7 73.74 $4.99 MAR Amazing Spider-Man Venom Inc Alpha #1(2017)
    8 70.67 $3.99 MAR Marvel Two-In-One #1(2017)

    213 7.58 $3.99 MAR Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #26 (2015)
    How does 7500 copies keep a book going when the FF sold so much more into cancellation?

As I've brought up here before, some comics Marvel produces have distribution through Scholastic Books and Moon Girl is one of them along with Squirrel Girl. So there is a different revenue source for them. They must be doing well enough to keep the book going so far since they've put out a number of TPBs and you'll find their listing and rank on Amazon. Look them up and you'll see parents are ranking it pretty high in the comments section.

It's a cute book for kids so I have no problem with it. It's not being marketed to me after all.