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Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 at 02:19:32 pm EST (Viewed 319 times)
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    This issue began to show some of the concerns I had when Zdarsky was announced as the writer. The three main plot points (scenes) I found cringe worthy have now added up to a clear impression that Zdarsky doesn't know these characters and has no intention of writing them with any sense of accuracy.

I disagree. Zdarsky is the best writer the FF have had this century.

    * Reed Richards is NOT a prankster. The point that this was done once is nullified by the point Zdarsky chose to insert that (a) Reed would supposedly re-apply the "F" to the medal whenever it was removed, and (b) he and Ben would supposedly chuckle at it time after time when they faced off against Dr. Doom over the years. This is the most egregious case of a writer not understanding these characters since Matt Fraction was on the Fantastic Four title.

This was the one and only prank Reed Richards ever played in his whole life. Ben actually says this in the comic. People can do things one time and then never again. It really does happen.

    * Johnny's flame now works as a cleaning agent against bacteria and plaque?!? Really? That's beyond ridiculous - and needs to be retconned away asap.

This makes total sense. Extreme heat kills bacteria. It also burns away sticky goo such as plaque. Toss a corpse into a furnace, then check the ashes for the bacteria that live in the human body. You won't find any. You also won't find any plaque.

    * Johnny's "power loss" - we go again....clearly Zdarsky never bothered to checked on what the previous writer of the Fantastic Four title did otherwise he'd realize (or have the characters realize) that Johnny just had a power loss sub-plot during James Robinson's shortened run on the Fantastic Four.

Yes - this criticism stands as the one we all agree on. By the way, did Robinson's sub-plot ever get resolved? I've been trying to google that but can't seem to find any reference to it.