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Subj: Re: MTIO #3 - The art is Schiti
Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 at 03:48:51 pm EST (Viewed 408 times)
Reply Subj: MTIO #3 - The art is Schiti
Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 at 02:23:42 pm EST (Viewed 601 times)

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This series, while not perfect, is quite good. Part of me feels like I have a struggle internally with all things FF. Part of me wants to preserve certain aspects, and part of me wants to see change and growth in certain areas. These feeling are in conflict. I think I'll have to settle....

That said, MTIO #3 continues to build the story and I think the writing is fun and engaging. We see some old characters return in this, and get to enjoy a nice bar scene. Johnny and Ben meet up with Heracles and go visit Rachna Koul to deal with Johnny's cosmic dysfunction. Fun ensues, so I won't spoil it any further.

Here's my main beef with this issue. THE ART. Jim Cheung is absent in this issue. Replacing him is Valerio Schiti. And true to his name, the art is indeed "schiti". Sorry for the lame and easy pun.

Valerio Schiti simply cannot draw the ever lovin' blue eyed Thing! The Thing looks simply awful and his proportions are wrong, he looks schlumpy and diminuative. The facial expressions are also completely off for The Thing, and at times other characters. Weird eye expressions and faces further obscures the art. But poor Ben is so badly rendered here, that I really didn't enjoy this issue as much as I could have with better art. Barely passable. Sorry Marvel, but the art matters and the art in this issue isn't keeping pace with the story.

Art aside, still a great read. Hopefully they will bring back Cheung or use a better artist in the future. YMMV but I don't like Schiti's style - at all.

I followed Schiti's work in Guardians when Ben was a member. I do not think it is bad at all but it can be inconsistent in regard's to the Thing especially. There's been worse versions of ol blue eyes and certainly better. Definitely prefer Cheung's. I like Iron Maiden's thoughts on this whole tether development. Koul could easily be wrong about this, too, as there are too many past instances where they've been separated by universe's and dimensions and alternate world's to make this viable. I put no stock in the opinion of a character that has not earned any cred just because he, she or it is being touted as the next brilliant mind in the Marvel U. The only possible good quality about this tether theory reaffirms that Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben belong together and are Marvel's greatest and potentially most powerful super team. I remember back when Byrne wrote the book and the FF was popular they were ranked third I believe by wizard world magazine in power and effectiveness behind only the Justice League and the Defenders (Strange, Hulk, Surfer, and Namor). Long time ago!
Speaking of brilliant minds. I find it really interesting the Mad Thinker's melt down at the disappearance of Marvel's greatest ever and still most brilliant genius, Mr. Fantastic. Its great to see the villain's reactions to a world without Reed Richards. We've seen Doom's in depth. Now the Thinker is getting a turn. Have we ever seen evidence, tho, of the Thinker being truly this insane? Reminds me a bit more of Maximus or the Wizard as I don't recall the Thinker ever going so mu-ah-ah-ah-ahhhhh over the top. This strikes me a little more Wizard, but, I actually do not mind, as that fascination and envy has been played out quite a bit over the years with the Frightful Four. Way back in his first appearance there were certainly overtones through the Lee/Kirby years of Julius' obsession with Reed. This may be taking it to a whole new level.
I wouldn't mind seeing more insightful stories from other villains point of view at Reed's absence and apparent death in the Marvel U. Hope we get more of that before his return. Two in One has been a really nice vehicle for examining an Earth without Reed and Sue in only three issues and its overdue and appreciated.
Truly enjoying these first three issues. A very nice mix of nostalgia to present the characters accurately and respectfully while acknowledging the present and looking to the future and trying not to be a blatant rehash of the past. Hard to do after nearly 60 years of continuity.

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