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Subj: Re: MTIO #3 - The art is Schiti
Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 at 10:19:02 pm EST (Viewed 465 times)
Reply Subj: MTIO #3 - The art is Schiti
Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 at 02:23:42 pm EST (Viewed 642 times)

    This series, while not perfect, is quite good. Part of me feels like I have a struggle internally with all things FF. Part of me wants to preserve certain aspects, and part of me wants to see change and growth in certain areas. These feeling are in conflict. I think I'll have to settle....

I'm often bad at settling. But I'm learning that if I'm too much of a perfectionist, I can't enjoy anything. I can always nitpick. But that's the problem. I can ALWAYS nitpick. I have to differentiate between nits and non-negotiables. When I encounter a non-negotiable, I drop the comic with no regrets. But nits I let pass.

    That said, MTIO #3 continues to build the story and I think the writing is fun and engaging. We see some old characters return in this, and get to enjoy a nice bar scene. Johnny and Ben meet up with Heracles and go visit Rachna Koul to deal with Johnny's cosmic dysfunction. Fun ensues, so I won't spoil it any further.




As for the cosmic dysfunction - holy mackerel - I guessed right! I don't know if anyone remembers, but I actually speculated in some thread along the way that the FF needed to be in the same universe or their powers would start to dissipate. Lo and behold, Rachna Koul, super-genius, confirmed my exact speculation! Hoo-ha!

This means, incidentally, that Reed and Sue's powers will be dissipating.

    Here's my main beef with this issue. THE ART. Jim Cheung is absent in this issue. Replacing him is Valerio Schiti. And true to his name, the art is indeed "schiti". Sorry for the lame and easy pun.

The art was certainly a let-down from Jim Cheung. But it had its own charm. It was more cartoonish than Cheung's for sure. But man can this guy draw Hercules! I'm also now very much in love with Rachna Koul who, yes, I will say it, totally rocks and is splendidly cool, and part of what made me fall in love with her is Schiti's depiction of her.

    Valerio Schiti simply cannot draw the ever lovin' blue eyed Thing! The Thing looks simply awful and his proportions are wrong, he looks schlumpy and diminuative. The facial expressions are also completely off for The Thing, and at times other characters. Weird eye expressions and faces further obscures the art. But poor Ben is so badly rendered here, that I really didn't enjoy this issue as much as I could have with better art. Barely passable. Sorry Marvel, but the art matters and the art in this issue isn't keeping pace with the story.

    Art aside, still a great read. Hopefully they will bring back Cheung or use a better artist in the future. YMMV but I don't like Schiti's style - at all.

Some further comments by me:

Interesting presentation of the Mad Thinker as experiencing a need for Reed Richards to exist in the same universe with him. Sort of a Joker/Batman thing. I think Doom has some of this also, but responds to it in a different way - or maybe not so different at that! Toward the very end of the issue, the Thinker changes his face to look like Reed. Meanwhile, I've been of the opinion that Doom is trying to be a hero because Reed was a hero and now that Reed is gone, Doom feels the need to perpetuate the meaning of Reed by becoming a hero himself.

Hercules is a wild man in this story. Funny how some creative teams depict him as over the top (as in this issue) while others tone him down. It's almost like he's bipolar. I like him best when he's in his manic phase. But only to watch. I wouldn't want to hang out with him. He'd exhaust me. As an aside, I don't think I've seen him with a man-bun before this issue.

" I learned when she shot down my Quinjet! HAHA!" That line captured the essence of Hercules, I think. I picture him actually enjoying himself as the Quinjet crashed. A thrilling adventure! Of course it helps to have super-durability.

And she who shot him down - Rachna Koul - oh, be still my beating heart. Add her to the list of snarky beauties who populate my imagination. Abigail Brand! Maria Hill! Iron Patriot! Thundra! Monet St. Croix as written by Peter David! Emma the White Witch! Ah, the world is good. And Rockin' Cool has a nice niche in the Marvel ecology. I can see her being used whenever a hero or villain is having power problems. Which I hope will be often so I get to see her frequently! "HAHA! Rachna! A healer and a warrior! You are a true delight!" Testify, Hercules. Testify! She has a chip on her shoulder when it comes to super-beings, though. I wonder if she could give herself powers. If she could - I wonder why she hasn't. Maybe it's the fact that she doesn't really need powers. Like Tony Stark, she can engineer a formidable arsenal.

How is it that Hydro Man is a low tier villain? He's practically unstoppable! Either you evaporate him with extreme heat or freeze him with extreme cold or find a way to capture him in a bottle - but if you don't have the means to generate heat or cold and don't have a magic bottle, you have no defense against him. I guess Spider-Man could make a bottle out of his webbing. I wonder if dispersing his droplets is effective. The Hulk could do this with a clap and Quicksilver could do it with speed. Wolverine, however, would be helpless. Which is an important point, given the final page of the issue. Snikt all you want, Logan. You have no hope against Hydro Man.

So I guess Ben and Johnny will be taking Rockin' Cool along on their multi-universal jaunt. That will be - dare I say it - rockiin' cool!

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