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Subj: Re: MTIO #3 - The art is Schiti
Posted: Fri Feb 16, 2018 at 11:19:01 am EST (Viewed 307 times)
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    I have the same questions. If one FF member dies, than the rest will spend out like cheap batteries? The tether thing SUCKS! It will need to be retconned. Seriously? A group of heroes that travel dimensions independently and together. What about when Johnny was in the N-Zone for a long period of time? No power-down was noticed by Reed? It doesn't make sense.

    Also, the whole "Johnny can't afford $250K-$750K for cosmic Viagra? He had inherited 3 billion and it's all tied up with the Avengers? Ridiculous!

ehhh.... I wouldn't take Rachna's word about the tether thing. After all, she's dead wrong about it not being possible to travel to the multiverse. But if this is the way Marvel brings them all together then I'll accept it.

That's a fair argument IM. But she only dabbles in dimensional travel. Whereas her area of specialty appears to be understanding how superpowers work. Her lack of knowledge in A doesn't negate her knowledge in B.

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