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    Your prediction records is good, but I'm not so sure. Is Rachna a "super-genius"? She's highly specialized in super-powers, but that doesn't put her in Doom or Reeds class of genius. So I am not sold on the Reed parallel yet. And what would Sue's parallel be in this instance? I just don't see that happening.

You raise a good question. Who (male or female) would be a good Sue parallel. What is Sue's fundamental role on the team? I would say, Sue is the Protectress - but I'm ignoring Sue's invisibility and that may be a mistake. You know, some sort of illusionist could both protect and hide people via distraction. Unfortunately, Lara the Illusionist lost her powers on M-Day. But Lady Mastermind is still around. However, more likely it would be some brand new illusionist. Maybe someone who was helped by Rockin' Cool.

    All we know at this point is that Rachna was misinformed on dimensional travel and her motivation for joining the team is to learn and experience it. That's not to say she won't be handy, but I don't see this as another incarnation of the Fantastic Four. I see it more as a recon team being formed. One member extorted their way onto the team.

Definitely a recon team and definitely some extortion going on.

Rockin' Cool is Neutral Neutral in the Dungeons & Dragons sense. Marvel seems to continually portray science types as Neutral Neutral, which I think is interesting. Notice that despite her sharp tongue, she never actually lifts a finger to do anyone harm, while she does in fact help - anyone, good or evil - for a fee.

    I also agree with the BC review that while her snark was good for an issue, she will need to dial it down for future issues - otherwise we are looking at a grown-up version of Moongirl or Valeria -and that's annoying IMO.

Most likely Ben and/or Johnny will repeatedly save her life until she finally can't legitimately maintain her attitude quite so fervently.

In fact, look for a romance between Rockin' and Rocky (Ben).

I speak old school D&D (I have the original white box set!) so I get your point on Neutral Neutral.

Yeah for me, Sue is very hard to parallel. Sue represents....what exactly? Lawful Good? It will be interesting to see who that add to the recon team.

I think your romance prediction for Ben and Rachna is also a good one. It makes sense from the build up perspective. I'm starting to think you are very good at seeing the patterns in the story tropes. I would much prefer Ben to dump Alicia anyway and move on to a better relationship.

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