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Subj: Moses Magnum in Black Panther 2 or 3 ... [speculation]
Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 at 05:04:41 am EST (Viewed 299 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I hope that your theory is right ! :-)
Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 at 07:53:48 am EST (Viewed 321 times)

    Someone on FB pointed out that the actor said he has 2 more films in his contract so... YAY!!!!

Unfortunately, I also heard Andy Serkis saying that he was currently freed from his contract since the character is dead.

If his death had been more ambiguous or totally off-screen, I would be more certain of his return in another MCU movie.

We would have thought him dead (since Killmonger shot him off-screen) but he would have come back later.

I think that the original plan was to transform Klaue into Klaw due to an interaction between his sonic disruptor, Shuri's sonic stabilizers and the Heart-Shaped Herb. Thus, since the 2 machines have opposite effects and there is an apparent connection between the Heart-Shaped Herb and the Astral Plane, the combination would have turned him into a ghost of sonic energy.

Unfortunately, in the current version that we watched, the open eyes of the corpse in the body bag leave few options to imagination.

Except if some contrived device is later used to make him come back (Vibranium's energy + Heart-Shaped Herb + Necropolis ? Soul Infinity Stone ? Resurrection Altar ? All these ideas combined ?), he might be as dead as Wolfgang Von Strucker.

Too bad, I thought that Klaw could have become a recurring villain, like Loki.

Between Age of Ultron & Black Panther, Marvel Studios may have changed their plan about Klaw and, like Two-Face at the end of Dark Knight, Klaue is really dead.

I speculate that Moses Magnum may replace Klaw as one of the main antagonists in Black Panther 2 or 3.

In the comics, Klaw is supposed to be an elemental powerhouse with some scientific knowledge and a thug mentality. Moses Magnum is also an elemental powerhouse with some scientific knowledge and a thug mentality. His superhuman powers could easily be explained by exposure to raw Vibranium.