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Subj: Re: Issue #3 -- and the downward trend continues
Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 at 05:21:35 pm EST (Viewed 411 times)
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    I don't like that retcon either. My big annoyance has always been that Johnny and Ben aren't really allowed to grow up and have their own wives, children etc. Their lives always fall apart so they can be stuck in Reed and Sue's little family without having families of their own.

    Now you've got a retcon that literally says they can't grow as people and the 4 have to be stuck with each a book that's about them being split up. Grr.

    I wish we could see Johnny and Ben growing without Reed and Sue instead of settling into this depressing malaise.

All this retcon says is that they have to be in the same universe. They could be in different galaxies and retain their full power. Different planets, different countries, different cities. They can absolutely lead lives that have nothing to do with one another if they want to.

Agreed, just the same universe. As far as the plaque thing, I think that just makes sense. Like when Hickman had Johnny scan the giant robots with infrared.. how else is the guy seeing with flames in his face? Of course there's the 'he's so hot bullets vaporize before they hit him' concept (which replaced the he's plasma and they pass through him one) which doesn't work well with the whole firehose of ultimate doom problem he tends to have.

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