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Yeah... but Blackest Night Barry is Barry after he's worked out the emotional issues about his revival in Rebirth, and, as such, closer to the Barry that people missed. \:\)


Being an avid fan of both Kyle Rayner and Wally West, I was hesitant about Flash Rebirth just as I was GL Rebirth, but Geoff Johns has done an amazing job with both Hal and Barry. Barry is honestly my favorite major character in Blackest Night right now. I'm beginning to like him as much as Wally. He is definitely the epitome of hope against an almost hopeless situation. It may sound somewhat corny, but he is what a hero should be in that he is as/more relentless a force for good than the bad guys are for evil. I was down that Wally would lose some of the spotlight and I hate to see him put on the back burner, but the transition won't be so bad since I like Barry as well.