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Subj: This does seem to have been the heavy implication in Final Crisis, but no longer....
Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 at 11:17:02 pm GMT (Viewed 12 times)
Reply Subj: What if the Speed Force is actually some kind of life equation ? (theory of mine)
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I know that it sounds silly but it would explain :

(1) why the Speed Force can negate the Anti-Life equation.

(2) why the Quick family needs a mathematical formula to trigger their powers

(3) why speedsters can run faster than the "Black Flash", the representation of Death

(4) why the Speed Force affects the aging of the Flash family

(5) how Barry Allen & Bart Allen came back

(6) why Cicada, who has the ability to steal the life-force of other people and use it to prolong his own life, worships the Flash

(7) why Savitar & Johnny Quick lost their life-forces at the beginning of Flash Rebirth

(8) why Professor Zoom thinks that it is much more important than fuel to amplify acceleration.


I don't know if my theory is good or not.
I don't even know if I want it to be true.
Nevertheless, so far, it matches with many clues.

Nota Bene : I am aware that I am far from the only one to have thought about that ...

Especially as the Grant Morrison text piece in the FC Secret Files explained that, like any equation, the Anti-Life Equation has multiple "expressions" (like the monster from Cosmic Odyssey, the computer virus in FC, or the runes from Simonson's Orion series).

The Life Equation should therefore have many expressions as well, and the Speed Force formula, being an access point to a dimension linked to The Source and described by Neron as "heaven," makes a LOT of sense as an expression of the LE.

That said, Flash: Rebirth seems to have tossed all that in favor of Barry Allen creating another dimension of energy that somehow traveled both backwards and forwards in time to empower every other speedster.