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I remember catching a few episodes of this show when it was on, back in the 1990-1991 TV season. At the time I thought it was about as good as a super-hero TV show could be, and I was disappointed when it was cancelled after just one season.

Now I own that season on DVD and am watching each episode with much pleasure. I suspect some Flash fans were upset at the deviations from the comic book mythos, but to me, the show is true to the essence of the Flash. His costume is faithful to the comics; he uses his powers the way he does in the comics; he works as a police chemist; and he loves justice. The addition of Star Labs to the story line is logical and interesting. The villains are over the top without being cheesy. The music is bombastic, operatic. The whole thing works for me.

Anybody else a fan?

I loved it and also have the complete series DVD. My only regrets is that they didn't bite the bullet and call Nightshade the Sandman as he clearly was, and that we didn't get to see the second season as it was mapped out, with the Captain Cold/Mirror Master/Trickster teamup and Gorilla Grodd.