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Subj: Re: Flash: Rebirth #6
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    Hello, I have the same feeling.

    Geoff Johns opened many doors and gave few explanations.

    The 6 issues read like one huge battle vs the Reverse Flash but I have not understood what was actually happening :

    - the Black Flash destroyed ?

Apparently. The retcon of the Speed Force as Barry's personal energy field seems to suggest that the Black Flash was less than a universal avatar of death.

    - Gorilla City's fate linked to the speed force & the negative speed force ?

Yeah, I have no idea there. Nnamdi has done paintings of the Flashes before, though.

    - Abra Kadabra victim or not victim of the Reverse Flash ?

Reverse-Flash did something to him, but didn't kill him, and he seems to be vowing vengeance on Thawne in the final pages. It may be important that we don't see Kadabra's face.

    - the speed force slowing the aging process ?

That's been around for some time to help explain Jay Garrick's continued activity.


Somehow, I feel that "the Flash Rebirth" ended as some kind of reverse mirror of the "Green Lantern Rebirth".

Both stories have one obvious goal : build a new "mythology" around the "iconic version of the super-hero" .

But the Green Lantern books were a mess before Geoff Johns started to think about GL Rebirth.

There were two main genius ideas for the GL Rebirth (and many other excellent ones) :
- Parallax is not Hal Jordan but actually an asleep "genie of the lantern" locked by the Guardians in the central power battery and awaken by Sinestro from his centuries old sleep. Thus Hal Jordan is still the "greatest of the green lanterns".
- Yellow is the color of fear, Green is the color of willpower, there is an "emotional spectrum". So there is a new mythology to build something upon.
And that's exactly what happened after :
- Black Hand, Sinestro and Star Sapphire are part of the whole emotional spectrum mythology;
- Hector Hammond has created some kind of "psychic link" with Hal Jordan and behaves like the Hannibal Lector of the GL universe;
- Geoff Johns can create as many new characters as he wants : Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Arkillo ...

On the contrary, there was no peculiar mess to deal with before starting the Flash Rebirth.

Then, how & why Barry Allen, the "iconic version of The Flash" should return ?

- Being the "core" or the "source" of the speed force.
- The Reverse Flash creating a new timeline by killing his mother.

Actually, I like both ideas.

But, once you have done that, you have to explain everything else ...
And that's not what happened.
The current Flash Rebirth book looks like a work in progress with no idea how to finish the final product.

With Green Lantern, Geoff Johns used most of the mess that was before him to give us a new future and, at the same time, explanations.
I think that's why most "comic book old timers" (including myself) love so much the works of Geoff Johns.
By the way, that was exactly the same process with the Rogues.

On the contrary, at the end of the Flash Rebirth, there are many new mysteries that will need some future explanations (but will the future writers of the Flash have the time or the willpower to do so ?) :

After reading Green Lantern Rebirth, do we know more about the "green & yellow energies" and how the GL universe works than before ?

After reading the Flash Rebirth, do we really know something more about the speed force ?
Actually, no, even if we have discovered that "the positive speed force" comes from Barry Allen and that "the negative speed force" comes from Eobard Thawne.

Besides, there is an obvious problem :

The current GL universe is based on Space, Light, Emotions, Cops.

Since the universe is wide, you can have as many "lantern characters" as you want, even if there are only two GLs on Earth.

The Flash universe is based on Time, Speed, Family, Cops.
But most of the speedsters stay on Earth.

What will DC do with a wide squadron of speedsters based on the same Earth at the same time ?

If the GLs are space cops, should the Flash Legacy become some kind of time police unit protecting Earth's timeline from trespassers such as Eobard Thawne and Abra Kadabra ?

Has Barry Allen become some kind of god for all speedsters ?

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