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Well then, a complete reboot isn't it? I don't like it myself but I can understand why they've done it and I can't say much more as Barry is a character I have no real affection for since his return. The shame for me is they could easily have taken this opportunity to undo the Wally/Linda marriage and reset Wally/Flash for the new series, he's a vastly more three dimensional character than Barry is and has a far more relevant and deserving following than Barry does - Barry was very famously dead and gone since 1985 fer crying out loud!
I think the new Barry/Iris relationship only becomes a problem if they ever delve into prior continuity, with the Crisis and his Trial etc, but I don't think that will happen as this reboot is all about looking forward, not backwards. In a way I do wonder if DC have deluded themselved here, the problems with Barry as a character go a long long way past any ideas of his maritial status. His marriage to Iris was the very least of his 'problems' if you asked me, in fact like Ralph Dibny it made him a more distinct character, but by default this does appear seem to confirm that Bart Allen as we knew him is no more. Yes you can argue that all it means is Barry will marry Iris in the future and so on but the tack they are taking is that marriage to anybody is not even a question right now, so I don't see them playing up the fact Kid Flash (or Jenny Ogats) is a blood relative.