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Subj: Re: Wally's ID gone public
Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 at 07:34:20 pm BST (Viewed 281 times)
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This is a deceptively tough question as when he took over the role in 1987 his identity was obviously public knowledge, yet just months earlier in The Trial of the Flash he was still with a secret identity. I would have to assume that in the interim, and off-panel, he had (for whatever reason) revealed his identity to the public, given he was retired from super-heroing by this point perhaps that is the reason why he chose to go public with his now done double life....

Maybe it was in the Teen Titans that it was revealed. My other thought was he said something about that at the end of COIE. However I am not offering fact but just going on memory of stories not read by me in a VERY long time.