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Subj: Re: Wally's ID gone public
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Maybe it was in the Teen Titans that it was revealed. My other thought was he said something about that at the end of COIE. However I am not offering fact but just going on memory of stories not read by me in a VERY long time.

Yes, Maybe something was mentioned in Crisis on Infinite Earths, I tend to think that unlikely though as it would be an odd place to mention it, but I am sure it wasn't Teen Titans as Wally left in issue #39 thereabouts along with Robin, he reappears in #49 I think but I'm sure this is before The Trial of the Flash....

 In fact upon doing a quick check of cover dates I can see that  Flash #344 was out the same month as Crisis #1, while Teen Titans #49 was two or three months before. It therefore seems almost certain Wally's identity became public after Barry dies. Possibly in the time between Crisis #12 and The Flash #1. Thinking back I wonder if upon his death the Flash's secret became public knowledge, Barry Allen was missing presumed dead during the length of the Trial, did his actual real death make the secrecy then pointless and someone (i.e. his lawyer) revealed all? Or perhaps someone just put two and two together which then triggered Wally's dual life being revealed...?  

There is definitely an untold story to be had between Crisis #12 and Wally debut as the Flash proper.