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Subj: Re: Flash Ep 2 "The Fastest Man Alive"...
Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 at 04:08:00 am BST (Viewed 207 times)
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Excellent episode.

The series is so far shaping up well.

Also some nice nods to the 90's TV series

1. Barry twirling the test tube in his hand like a centrifuge, this was done in an ep in the old series.

2. Barry having metabolic seize ups and shutdowns due to a major need for glucose. This will lead him to increase his food budget and food intake just as in the old series.

Also we still have the question about Detective Thawne, is he the linear ancestor of Eobard Thawne or is he Eobard Thawne in disguise?

One problem though, too many scenes of Barry stopping and pulling his mask off in public.....I know masks tend to block the expressions of the actors and the star wants their face shown, but still.....

The "taking off the mask" thing seems to be a pattern. I know back when Birds of Prey was a TV show, Helena Kyle refused to wear a mask, which got under Babs Gordon's skin. (And it really made no sense. She was Batman's and Catwoman's daughter, for cryin' out loud, and both her parents wore masks, as did her mentor Babs when she was Batgirl.)

If you look at the Iron Man movie, they kept making sure to show us Stark's face, even when in the armor. Marvel's Hawkeye character was left with no mask at all, as was the female member of the Avenger's, who I think is called "Black Widow" in the comics, and I seem to recall wears a mask (not really up on Marvel's characters).

I'm thinking there have been other examples too, but am drawing a blank on any more titles right now. Anyway, it really wrecks a super-hero movie. It's like they want to shove the actor's face down your throat. Hey, we know who's playing the role. Let us see the character as they're depicted in the comics!