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plastique is a metahuman that can make things and people explode upon physical contact.

She is a former soldier and her power makes her coveted by General Wade Eiling played by Clancy Brown aka the voice of Lex Luthor and also THE KURGAN from Highlander.

Star Labs tests her and discover the darkmatter and bomb residue that empower her has bonded to her DNA. Professor Wells also uses a curious choice of words "the technology to separate it from your cells is not invented yet".

Interesting choice of words, almost as if he is from the future......

Professor Wells also manipulates Plastique into attempting to kill the General. The attempt fails and she perishes. She is also going to detonate and Barry learns the art of super speed running on water to get her out of the city and into the water before she explodes. Professor Wells also instantly knows how fast Barry would need to, instant math wizard or voice of experience, Professor Zoom?

Wells and the General have a chat at the end and it is clear that they know enough about each other to end each other. We also get a flashback to when their partner ship ended and we see the test subject....a Gorilla named GRODD and Wells tells the Gorilla that he (Wells) has a different future planned for Grodd then the General.

Barry also learns the art of running up buildings and how he needs to maintain the speed going down or else....splat.

Barry also learns he cannot get drunk no matter how much he drinks, so they concoct a small vial of 500 proof booze that he shotguns and gets about a 30 second buzz before it wears off.

Also Barry fails to stop Iris from blogging about the The Streak and their friendship gets strained.

So Barry now knows he can run on water and up buildings......I suspect soon he will learn how to vibrate through walls, and after that comes what is perhaps the most dangerous break the time barrier.

Also each episode convinces me that Wells is Professor Zoom the Reverse Flash. What better disguise for someone with superspeed then to be in a wheel chair.

The General will becoming in the future "The General" correct?

The JLA team buster?

Grodd is a mutated Gorilla with high end telepathy powers?

The Professor seems to indeed be from the future, so Zoom?

And is it just me, or is this Iris and the streak just the same as Lois and the Blur?

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