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Subj: Re: My theory about Dr. Wells (Some Spoilers inside from the last episode)
Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 at 12:48:34 am GMT (Viewed 14 times)
Reply Subj: My theory about Dr. Wells (Some Spoilers inside from the last episode)
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*Mourns the loss of my primary suspect being Professor Zoom* You failed me, Eddie... \(sad\)

Anyways...Here is my theory on Dr. Wells to anyone who is interested.

But first, I'd like to acknowledge some things first. Iron Man Unit and a few others have some very good points about Dr. Wells being the Reverse Flash. What better disguise for him than to pretend he's in a wheelchair? He obviously comes from the future and everything points to Dr. Wells being Professor Zoom. He could want Barry top get up to speed in order to kill him. Obviously it would be far too easy to do it now since Barry needs to "get up to speed."

But, then a thought entered my head...Thus my theory.

Dr. Wells wants to "preserve the future" and "Barry must be kept safe". So he is protective of the future. In the most recent episode, we see Dr. Wells visibly upset that the future was changed when Barry lost his powers. So, if Dr. Wells is Professor Zoom, I find it extremely odd that he wants to "preserve the future". That does not strike me as what Professor Zoom would want. If the future was changed, and it was when Barry lost his powers, then here is the perfect opportunity for Zoom to kill Barry since history wouldn't even miss him anymore. Yet, Dr. Wells does not do this.

Reverse Flash hates Barry because he learned, through time travel, that Barry kills him by breaking his neck in order to save Iris's life. So, preserving the future is something that strikes me as very odd. To me, a man wanting revenge against Barry, preserving the future does not strike me as a motivation Professor Zoom would have. In all iterations of the character, comics, cartoons, etc, Professor Zoom has never shown this kind of motivation before. And that is another reason why I think it's extremely odd behavior if Dr. Wells is Professor Zoom. It just doesn't strike me as something he'd do.

So, with that said and done, I would like to move on to my theory about Dr. Wells based on the new information from the most recent episode.

Iron Man Unit mentioned that in the winter episodes of the Flash, the writers will focus on time travel. If that's true then my theory concerning Dr. Wells makes perfect sense.

I believe Dr. Harrison Wells is in fact, the time traveler known as H.G. Wells. After all, H.G. Wells is known, in fiction, to have created the time machine. And since the Winter episodes will focus on time travel, then it stands to reason for Dr. Wells to be revealed as H.G. Wells. And I think Dr. Wells time traveled through time in an attempt to save his wife but failed. So he went into the future, incountered Reverse Flash and recognized him as a dangerous threat. Dr. Wells also learned of Barry. By killing Barry, the future would be changed and so Dr. Wells uses his time machine to preserve the future and save Barry before Professor Zoom can.

Dr. Wells has shown an interest in protecting Barry with such statements as, "He must be kept safe..." and "preserving the future..." and, "getting you [Barry] up to speed." With such statements as those and his knowledge of the future, it makes perfect sense for Dr. Wells to be H.G. Wells. He wants to help Barry to be ready for Professor Zoom in order to "preserve the future".

Because if Professor Zoom kills Barry the future would be changed and Dr. Wells has proven that he wants to protect both the future and Barry and is willing to murder in order to do that.

The ending of the most recent episode makes me think, in part, of how Reverse Flash will eventually be defeated. Dr. Wells takes a DNA sample from Blackout in order to find out how Blackout stole Barry's powers. This could be a set-up to stealing Reverse Flash's powers since he's so dangerous.

Again, I could be wrong. Apparently, I was wrong about Eddie (*Shakes fist*). I admit that. So take all this with a grain of salt. It's just a theory after all and there is no "solid proof" to prove I'm right.

However, I still believe the writers are giving us a classic case of misdirection by making us think Dr. Wells is the Reverse Flash. The more I see the motivations behind Dr. Wells the more I believe he's H.G. Wells the time traveler out to protect the future and help Barry beat the real Reverse Flash (whoever that is now that Eddie is off the suspect list).

Interesting idea about Dr Wells being HG Wells.

However in my post about the latest episode I've had a realization that Dr Wells could very well be Metron

As to Professor Zoom, he gained his powers in the future because he was obsessed with The Flash. However he may well have realized that to preserve his future that certain things must happen to shape the past accordingly and one of them is that Barry must become the Flash.

Ergo, Zoom sets out to set things in motion by killing Barry's mother.