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Subj: Re: Flash Ep 9: I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!
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This is it, Barry Allen the Flash VS THE REVERSE FLASH

Major spoiler reveal at the end along with photos.

Everyone is prepping for the holidays
Kate sees Ronnie and asks Cisco to help her with him.

Mercury Labs, run by Tina McGee (same actress from 90's Flash) is researching Tachyons and Reverse Flash attacks the place for them.

Barry hears the description of a yellow suited man that was a blur and knows it is his mother's killer. Joe then informs him of Reverse Flash taking the evidence of the murder and threatening Iris.

Iris is asked by Eddie to live with him, she says yes and has a chat with Barry who lies about how he feels.

Barry sees Reverse Flash and they race through the city, RF states if Barry wants answers he has to catch him and he is vibrating his face and voice so that we don't see who RF is, yet.

The win for this round goes to Reverse Flash who tells Barry they have been doing this for years and that it is his destiny to lose to Reverse Flash just as it was his mothers destiny to die.

Joe attempts to get a warrant to get the tachyon prototype. barry threatens to tip off the science magazines about all things he saw at Mercury labs and she agrees to give him the device.

Eddie tells Joe he wants his task force in on the operation to catch the mystery yellow speeder as he thinks it is the Flash

Cisco and Kate track Ronnie down, he states he is not Ronnie but is Firestorm and ignites and vanishes

They prep a force field trap with the tachyon device as bait.
Joe and Wells order Barry away as he is too emotional, Barry reluctantly complies

Barry talks to his Dad in prison, he encourages Barry to not let the man in yellow take any more from Barry then he has.

Barry goes to Iris and tells her how he feels. She is speechless and he leaves.

Back at Star Labs they are activating the trap and hoping to catach Reverse Flash. RF shows up and is trapped in the forcefield.

Note that Wells and Eddie are there when he is trapped.

Joe questions RF, RF states he is glad to see Dr Wells, but the containment field is fluctuating. RF states he is the Reverse of the Flash. RF then pulls Wells into the field and beats the tar out of him, they shut down the field and RF leaves with the tachyon device.

RF then returns and faces the cops as kate calls for Barry

RF takes down the task force, knocks Eddie aside and reminds Joe he told him to not hunt him.

Barry arrives is losing until he gets an assist from Firestorm. RF then states their race isn't done and that he will see him soon. Firestorm warns Kate to not seek him again and flies away.

Eddie is puzzled as to why he is still alive, which again is likely that he is the linear ancestor of the Reverse Flash.

Joe then tells Eddie about the meta humans and how they cannot tell others to avoid casualties. Joe also tells him the Flash saved their lives that day.

At Star Labs they are tending to Wells and he asks them about why they didnt tell him about Ronnie. Wells vows to bring Ronnie home.

Later at Joes they celebrate the holidays, and Cisco tells Joe that he saw the electric energy from Flash and Reverse flash about how it was red and yellow., just like how Barry described the thing that killed his mother. Thus there were TWO SPEEDSTERS that night. One was Reverse Flash and the other had to be the FLASH, which means it was likely Barry that saves his younger self after RF kills his Mom. Which means Barry is hitting TIME WARP speeds soon.

We also get a revelation at the end of the episode: DR WELLS IS THE REVERSE FLASH! he enters his secret lab and puts on a FLASH RING and uses it to open a secret vault and he turns on its lights to reveal the REVERSE FLASH COSTUME! he then attaches the tachyon device to it and then says in the voice of the REVERSE FLASH: "Merry Christmas!" as teh Reverse Flash suit starts getting tachyon charged. Get ready for Time Travel episodes, they did state they were coming.

Note: Yes reverse Flash beat the tar out of Dr Wells, however RF has more experience with his powers and clearly can time travel thus he can literally be in two places at once, and confront himself and thus beat the tar out of himself if he needs to. He also lets Eddie Thawne live as Eddie has to be the direct ancestor to the Reverse Flash, thus Eddie must live and RF may take steps to ensure Eddie does live.

Glad to see my alternate theory about Wells being Metron of the New Gods is wrong. All the evidence points to him being Reverse Flash and now we know he IS.

Good call! \(yes\)