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There, you heard it and I said it. I was wrong. \:\)

    Mercury Labs, run by Tina McGee (same actress from 90's Flash) is researching Tachyons and Reverse Flash attacks the place for them.

I recognized her the moment I saw her. I had a feeling she'd make a guest appearance in this show. Good to see her again. Too bad she didn't have a short scene with her former co-star, that would have been awesome. \:\)

    Cisco and Kate track Ronnie down, he states he is not Ronnie but is Firestorm and ignites and vanishes

Am I the only one who does not the direction the writers are going with Ronnie? Firestorm is a hero not a homeless guy who can't control his power... \:\(

    Back at Star Labs they are activating the trap and hoping to catach Reverse Flash. RF shows up and is trapped in the forcefield.

    Note that Wells and Eddie are there when he is trapped.

Any lingering hope I had that Eddie was the Reverse Flash was thrown out the window right here. But then I said to myself, "I was right! Dr. Wells is NOT the Reverse Flash! I was right! We see them there together!" Then came the ending of the episode! \:\(

    Joe questions RF, RF states he is glad to see Dr Wells, but the containment field is fluctuating. RF states he is the Reverse of the Flash. RF then pulls Wells into the field and beats the tar out of him, they shut down the field and RF leaves with the tachyon device.

In light of the revelation at the end of the episode, this scene makes no sense. More on this later...

    Eddie is puzzled as to why he is still alive, which again is likely that he is the linear ancestor of the Reverse Flash.


    Joe then tells Eddie about the meta humans and how they cannot tell others to avoid casualties. Joe also tells him the Flash saved their lives that day.

I don't agree with Joe's reasoning here. The cops need to know so they can prepare themselves and adapt. This will cause more harm later, I know it.

    Later at Joes they celebrate the holidays, and Cisco tells Joe that he saw the electric energy from Flash and Reverse flash about how it was red and yellow., just like how Barry described the thing that killed his mother. Thus there were TWO SPEEDSTERS that night. One was Reverse Flash and the other had to be the FLASH, which means it was likely Barry that saves his younger self after RF kills his Mom. Which means Barry is hitting TIME WARP speeds soon.

Looks like it. I just hope he can't time travel under his own power but needs help from that Tachyon thing to help him out.

    We also get a revelation at the end of the episode: DR WELLS IS THE REVERSE FLASH! he enters his secret lab and puts on a FLASH RING and uses it to open a secret vault and he turns on its lights to reveal the REVERSE FLASH COSTUME! he then attaches the tachyon device to it and then says in the voice of the REVERSE FLASH: "Merry Christmas!" as teh Reverse Flash suit starts getting tachyon charged. Get ready for Time Travel episodes, they did state they were coming.

With this revelation, I was like, "This doesn't make sense! He beat the crap out of himself!" And they were seen together. Eh...

    Note: Yes reverse Flash beat the tar out of Dr Wells, however RF has more experience with his powers and clearly can time travel thus he can literally be in two places at once, and confront himself and thus beat the tar out of himself if he needs to. He also lets Eddie Thawne live as Eddie has to be the direct ancestor to the Reverse Flash, thus Eddie must live and RF may take steps to ensure Eddie does live.

Now this explanation does make sense. However, it leaves some unanswered questions. While I believe Dr. Wells apparently went back in time to beat the tar out of himself, then why does Dr. Wells need a device that will help him run faster than light? To me, running faster than light means traveling through time. If he can already do this under his own power, then why does he need help with that tachyon device? I hope the writers answer this question in later episodes because I'm left still scratching my head.

    Glad to see my alternate theory about Wells being Metron of the New Gods is wrong. All the evidence points to him being Reverse Flash and now we know he IS.

And I was wrong about my main theory of Dr. Wells being H.G. Wells (and of course, Eddie being the Reverse Flash).

This also raises some questions that need answering.

1. In past episodes, Dr. Wells revealed he is willing and able to preserve the future. Barry had lost his powers, thus altering the future that Dr. Wells knew. One would think Dr. Wells would be happy about this and not change a thing. I would have been had I been Dr. Wells.

2. Why not kill Barry now? In another episode, Dr. Wells has said, "To get you up to speed." Um, ok. Why? It's reasonable to assume Dr. Wells wants Barry to be his match in speed. But why? So he can have a challenge? Barry's slower than Dr. Wells right now. Why not take advantage of that and kill him? In the most recent episode, Dr. Wells is faster than Barry. He can kill Barry and could have killed him at anytime. So, what exactly is Dr. Wells waiting for?

3. We all know Reverse Flash hates Barry. In the comics, it's because Barry ends up killing Reverse Flash. So, why doesn't Dr. Wells just kill Iris, Walter, Barry's Dad and everyone Barry loves? It's obvious, Dr. Wells can. So, why doesn't he?

A lot of questions need answering and I hope, with future episodes, the writers are able to answer most, if not all, of them.

I must say, I am very surprised the "writers classic misdirection" and "pointing to the obvious only to reveal someone different" did not happen here. It almost always does (at least in my experience). So the ending of this episode was very surprising for me, especially with a certain scene that happened only several minutes earlier...

I am also very disappointed with this revelation that Dr. Wells is the Reverse Flash. Bad enough the parts of Barry, Iris and Walter are badly miscast but I was really, really hoping the casting directors had SOME idea on how to cast correctly. Out went that hope when Dr. Wells is revealed to be the Reverse Flash and Eddie was not. Does any of the writers on the Flash TV show actually READ the comics?! Barry and the Reverse Flash each have BLONDE hair and BLUE eyes. Not brown, not black, BLONDE hair. Seriously, the guy playing Eddie should have been either Barry Allen or Dr. Wells. Sorry for the rant, won't happen again.

For starters, in the comics Barry, traditionally, didn't time travel without technological help...the cosmic treadmill. This tachyon device could be a stand-in for that.

The "other Reverse Flash", that is, Wally's Zoom, wasn't so much a speedster as a time-traveler. He had so much control over his time-travel abilities, he could make it appear he was a speedster, and Wally needed some help from Jessie Quick in order to defeat him.

Wells may not be a speedster the way Barry is. He may have time-related abilities. My only question is why he can do the Flash-type vibro-voice.

Well, in time we'll find out.

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