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Subj: Re: Flash Ep 9: I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!
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    Joe questions RF, RF states he is glad to see Dr Wells, but the containment field is fluctuating. RF states he is the Reverse of the Flash. RF then pulls Wells into the field and beats the tar out of him, they shut down the field and RF leaves with the tachyon device.

Are we assuming RF could escape the field because it was fluctuating?

    Eddie is puzzled as to why he is still alive, which again is likely that he is the linear ancestor of the Reverse Flash.


    Later at Joes they celebrate the holidays, and Cisco tells Joe that he saw the electric energy from Flash and Reverse flash about how it was red and yellow., just like how Barry described the thing that killed his mother. Thus there were TWO SPEEDSTERS that night. One was Reverse Flash and the other had to be the FLASH, which means it was likely Barry that saves his younger self after RF kills his Mom. Which means Barry is hitting TIME WARP speeds soon.

While I definitely think adult Barry as the Flash was there at the scene when his mother died, I don't think it was Barry who saved his younger self. I think it was the Reverse Flash. Barry would have been focused on saving his mother. RF would have been focused on killing Barry's mother but also on preserving Barry's life, so Barry could grow up to be the Flash and do whatever super-important thing he needs to do in the future.

I also am thinking RF killed Barry's mother out of complicated motives. Maybe he did it out of hate for Barry, but he also may have done it to ensure Barry would become the Flash. Maybe if Barry's mother hadn't died, the resulting alternate future would not have been conducive to Barry becoming the Flash.

AS to RF escaping the field due to fluctuating, Cisco cannot account for the fluctuations and since Wells IS RF, he likely sabotaged it in advance. Again given that time travel is involved for RF and Wells to be in two places at once, it would make sense that Wells/RF knows what is coming and is ready. This makes RF even tougher to beat as he has knowledge of the future. Combined with his speed and that he is a sociopath, this makes him truly Barry's deadliest enemy.

Reverse Flash killing Barry's mom definitely set him on the path to being the Flash.

Barry of course will pursue RF back to the past to try to stop it, but he may come to a choice, save his mom and risk his younger self dying or save his younger self knowing that RF will kill his mother. If young Barry dies, the Flash dies and the future dies with him.

A tragic choice that is ironically no choice at all. Reminds me of Season 2 of Beast Wars, Code of Hero. Dinobot finally learns that time can be altered and his fate is his own to choose but realizes he ironically has no choice about what he must do next to ensure the future stays intact.

Or perhaps they will make a version of the Flashpoint Paradox where Barry does save his mother, the future goes to pieces and he must go back and stop himself.....