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Subj: Re: The reason for why I think Reverse Flash CANNOT kill Barry
Posted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 at 10:46:24 am EST (Viewed 259 times)
Reply Subj: Re: The reason for why I think Reverse Flash CANNOT kill Barry
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He has altered the past to shape the future, what this means and what his precise objectives are we shall have to wait and see, but this fact does reinforce my criticism of the series debut format - the fact that what we are watching is in a sense a false history of The Flash. If Reverse-Flash had not altered history as he did then Barry's parents live happily, he presumably still becomes The Flash despite the Particle accelerator accident no longer being reality, STAR Labs remains at the forefront of scientific research, and Barry is allround a more confident and capable man.
The Flash's modrn comicbook is following much the same format as the Television series, though whether the Reverse-Flash played the part of his mothers executioner remains to be seen. Certainly though the remarkable truth is that we saw Superman's origin is very similar to Barry's as mad Imp
Vyndktvx similarly interfered with history to cause the untimely death of Clark Kents parents... so again we are in effect watching a false and impure history unfold for modern Superman. 
Still, looking at their output as a whole it is very clear that DC hates parents. \:\-X

So where and how did reverse Flash/Zoom get his powers?

And Zoom was not strictly speed force, wasn't it more that he was able to "jump" ahead in time?

Amd wonder when they will have either Ra Ghoul or deathstroke meet Dr wells, or when will gen Eiling become 'the general?"