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Subj: Re: The Flash Ep 10 Revenge of the Rogues
Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 at 07:59:01 am GMT (Viewed 318 times)
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      So Flash is zipping all over the place, surprisingly getting tagged at times by the beams despite his speed and maneuverability. They bring him down and Eddie steps in with one of the special shields to give Flash a few moments to recover and get them both out of the line of fire.

    I had the same objection to the action scenes in this episode as I always had to similar scenes in the comic. If the Flash were fighting mobsters with pistols, he would disarm them in a split second. Even in the TV show this is true, despite the Flash's far lesser speed. So why couldn't he disarm Captain Cold and Heatwave?

    I strongly dislike this sort of thing. It takes me right out of the story. Captain Cold and Heatwave need force fields or something. If the Flash can touch you and you're not invulnerable, you can't fight him.

Captain Cold fights the Flash in the comics and is presented as a serious threat.

It should be easy for the Flash to defeat him, but I suspend my disbelief because Captain Cold is one of the best villains on the show so far.

I really like how he is being portrayed.


One reason I can think of how Barry had some trouble with Cold and Heatwave is that Cold's gun is near absolute zero temperatures and such temperature can slow virtually anything down, even the Flash.

Cisco did build that gun in case Barry was evil after reviving from his coma or turned evil after all.

On a good note now that they have the gun, they have a weapon against Reverse Flash unless Wells/RF trashes it.