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Subj: Re: Flash Episode 11 - Time to Pay the Piper
Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2015 at 02:14:45 pm GMT (Viewed 417 times)
Reply Subj: Flash Episode 11 - Time to Pay the Piper
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The Pied Piper makes his debut in this episode, wielding sonic emitters in his gauntlets, has a major vendetta with his family, and the gang and Star Labs.

Episode opens with Flash pursuing the Royal Flush gang, they split up and Wells steps in to radio Barry precise instructions about what route to take and how to box them all in and disable their motorcycles. They celebrate back at the lab and take a photo for future prosperity and Wells stated how it felt good to be a hero. His smile dims a bit after everyone leaves.

He opens with an attack on Dr Well's home. Wells is walking around in his home when Piper attacks, causing the glass ceiling to shatter and forcing wells to use his RF (Reverse flash) power to evade it.

The police get called and Wells is back in his chair and as Barry is studying the place, Joe and Detective Thawne note that Wells stated he was in the middle of the glass exploding, can't walk, and isn't scratched or cut.....

At Star Labs they go over the history of Rathwell/Piper working there, how he was Well's prodigal son, how the kid was going to inherit his family company until he came out of the closet and was basically estranged from his narrowminded bigoted parents.

Wells also states that he and the kid had a disagreement about something but wouldn't elaborate. Later the Piper attacks his family company and is bringing the house down when Flash arrives. Piper can hear the radio waves from his suit and taunts Flash about how the Star Labs gang is listening and that he also figured out Well's "deep dark secret"

Piper is locked up at Star Labs, and he and Wells have a chat that everyone listens in on. Piper warns Flash that Wells will betray him and that Flash won't see it coming.

Wells goes upstairs and tells the them that Piper had warned him of a risk with the particle accelerator, but that his data didn't indicate 100% certainty of an explosion so Wells decided to take the risk. Barry, Snow and Cisco are now not very trusting of Wells.

Note; Wells' story is not quite true. It has been shown in flashbacks that on the night of the test, Wells knew very well indeed that the particle accelerator was going to blow, likely because he designed it that way.

Piper escapes, and Wells gets the alert as he is in his secret room looking at the Reverse Flash costume, he then zips out of the room and then COLLAPSES on the ground whispering "Not now!"....hm, perhaps his legs are indeed somewhat injured after all?

Piper decks Snow and reclaims his gauntlets and confronts Wells who is still on the ground. Soon after Barry arrives and we see Wells back in his chair stating that Piper is gone. Piper also accessed the data files for a big download before he left.

We see in Flashback that Wells and Piper argue about the accelerator and how Wells fires him and threatens him to not make unfounded allegations.

Dr Wells holds a press conference and confesses that he was warned about the accelerator and how he chose to ignore the warning. He also assures them he has no plans to rebuild the accelerator.

Wells later has a heart to heart talk with Cisco, tells him that he was always more human then Piper.

Piper then broadcasts over the Star Lab speakers and challenges Wells and the Flash to one final "chess game" Wells warns him to not play for those stakes.

Piper starts blasting cars and Wells has them scan for tremors to locate Piper. Cisco then discovers that Piper has all the data on Barry's molecular structure and thus knows Barry's frequency. he then uses the suit's speakers to sonic Barry to death.

Wells then hacks the satelite radios of the cars to send a sonic frequency to cancel Piper's attack on Barry and short out his gauntlets which explode in Piper's hands.

back at Star Labs, they celebrate and Wells and Barry have a heart to heart chat about how he hopes to restore the trust he had with Barry. Barry tells him he has, and gives him the picture he took earlier of them and leaves. Wells looks at it and a strange look comes over his face.

Barry and Joe chat at the end and after he leaves, Dective Thawne talks to Joe about how he checked Wells' place and found nothing. Joe is determined to investigate Wells.

Cisco talks to Piper and he tells Cisco that he knows where Ronnie is and how to save him.....

in Wells' secret room that contains the RF suit, Wells is wearing the tachyon device, sets it to full power and gets a report that his SPEED FORCE absorption is 35% and rising, he comments how he is NOT stabilizing, and that his speed powers come and go. His computer Gideon cannot calculate how long the tachyon device will sustain his power and he comments how it was meant as a temporary fix and that the ENDGAME is near......camera zooms in on the RF costume in its case.

I thought for sure the secret the Piper knew was that Wells is Reverse Flash. Which I guess was what we were supposed to think. but it was kind of disappointing that the secret was something the audience has know for a long time.

I really liked the villain, he was something completely different than we've seen so far.

It was neat to see STAR Labs and it's personnel before its fall.

But it is really starting to bother me how Barry and Star Labs just arrest people and put them in prison FOREVER without a trial or the possibility of parole.

And plus the Piper was supposed to be in great pain without his hearing aid, so did they give him a new one before they put him in the cell?

And here is another example of when Barry should have proved that he is no slouch in the brains department himself, but instead he seemed like nothing but a guy that runs fast and his team at STAR labs were the ones with the brains. It's really starting to bug me!

Oh, and the name the Pied Piper makes no sense in the context of the episode since he never hypnotized anyone.


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