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    At the escapees hide out they chat, she states she had blackouts until she learned to control her power. She states her power is limited by line of sight. Basically her teleport power is the same as Nightcrawler of the X-men, minus the brimstone stench.

Yet there are points during the episode where she teleports to places she couldn't possibly have been able to see from where she was. (Basically every long distance teleport when she didn't use the telescope - and yes, there were a couple of those.) The inconsistency bugged me.

    At Star Labs they analyze the residue and it contains DNA of the teleporter, she has a criminal record and is easily found in the data base. They figure if they find her they find Clay Parker.

The residue thing was weird but interesting. I wonder if she loses a tiny bit of weight when she teleports.

    Cisco speaks to Piper, and cuffs him as a prelude to releasing him.

Wow, did I groan when he did this. There was no chance in the world this was going to end well.

    Outside the lab, Cisco and Piper talk, Piper shows him a bomb shadow on a wall. Piper tells him that shadow was once Martin Stein. Cisco doesn't believe him, they fight and Cisco uses hypersonics to give Piper a debilitating ear ache and demands information on Ronnie. Cisco switches it off and warns him to not resist ever again. Piper tells him to remove the cuffs as where they will go will be conspicuous.

And Cisco actually does it! Groan.

    She eludes him then leaves him hanging on a ledge and goes back to her car. Barry approaches her then stops and then manages to catch a bullet that nearly hit him in the head from behind and collapses.

The inconsistency of his reflexes bugs me. Sometimes he can easily be taken by surprise. Yet here he reacted quickly enough to catch a bullet fired from behind him.

    At the police station, Cisco and Piper talk and states how Stein was an expert at transmutation of elements. They watch a video of what happened to Stein and they see that they became MERGED in the explosion.
    Piper then takes out the sonic ear piece from his ear and beats Cisco and escapes.

What a surprise. The escape, I mean.

It was pleasant to see the Stein/Raymond merge become TV canon.

    At the Bar, she dares/begs Barry to join her in Karoke. She is sufficiently buzzed. They start singing on the stage "Summer Loving". After they sing, she staggers to the bathroom and begins to close his tab out, when a girl named Linda approaches the bar and chats with Barry. She then gives him her phone number and leaves.

Barry sings really well! Plus this girl Linda looks promising as a romantic interest - except I think she may turn out to have ulterior motives.

    Wells then shows them a theory he has, that she can only teleport if she can see where she is going.

This deduction was based, ridiculously, on the fact that the cells go dormant in darkness. Needing light as an energy source and needing to see where you're going are two very different things. Groan.

    Barry then chats with Caitlin about them and about Ronnie and she decides it is time to move on with her life and find someone else. Things then get a bit awkward for a moment with them then they say goodbye. Possible romance in the air.

We can only hope. Caitlin is the right girl for Barry, in my opinion.

    Flash then gives Iris a story about Clay Parker and the breakout at Iron Heights. Iris then smiles as she got a pic of Flash on her phone.

So now Barry is doing her job for her. He should do her laundry too.

    Barry then arrives at the newspaper to meet Linda for a date. Iris is.....surprised.

So now Iris gets to see Barry as a guy other women find attractive. Cliche but nevertheless pleasing.

    Barry then speaks to his father about his dad. They joke and laugh then he shows Barry the latest paper and how it has the pic Iris took of the Flash on it. he then comments how Julius roughed him up and then the Flash took care of Julius. He then tells Barry that if he were the Flash, he would tell him he is a hero who has saved a lot of lives and that his father is proud of him.

Barry's dad knows he's the Flash. I like this development.

    Episode ends with two workers checking power lines underground, they hear a noise and then see the word GRODD written on the walls! Grodd then attacks them and the episode ends.

I got all excited when I saw "Grodd" written on the walls!

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