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Reply Subj: Re: FLASH EP 13 The NUCLEAR MAN
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    Cisco meets Joe at Barry's old house where his mom was killed. Joe insists on not having Wells or Caitlin involved so that Barry doesn't find out. Joe is surprised at the woman who lives there, and she let's them check out the home.

I was amused at the woman's antics.

    They find a mirror on the wall that contains silver nitrate which may contain images of what happened that night.

I wonder if this was really plausible. In any case, it was fun.

    Barry visits Linda at work and he apologizes again for leaving her. He assures her that she is special to him etc, when he gets a phone call and has to leave. Linda then chats with Iris about Barry and she mentions that Barry might be getting over some unrequitted love.....

It seemed to me Iris was trying to help. But of course Barry later interprets it as unhelpful.

I'm enjoying the cliche but still pleasant scenes of Iris suddenly seeing Barry as a man rather than a boy because Linda does.

    Caitlin, Barry and Stein's wife have located Ronnie/Stein. Stein's wife talks to him, and he convinces her that it is indeed him, Professor Stein. She assures him/them that Caitlin and Barry can help them.

I thought the actor playing Martin/Ronnie did a good job of conveying Martin in Ronnie's body.

    Cisco arrives and sees Ronnie and learns that it is Stein's mind. Cisco goes to talk to them. Wells states it is only a matter of hours before they go nuclear. Wells informs them that splitting them may cause a nuclear explosion....unless the host body is non functional. They are horrified at the idea of killing the two of them. Caitlin is furious with Wells and demands they find another way.

I thought Wells should have realized right away that Barry could speed Martin/Ronnie to a deserted area.

    Barry chats with Ronnie/Stein, Stein tells him that unstable fission was always a byproduct of the Firestorm research. Stein tells Barry he remembers him from the train ride. Stein gives him some advice about girls and Barry goes to Linda and tells him he will eat a super hot pepper if she doesn't date him again. he eats some of the pepper and rejects it in a funny manner. She agrees to date him and they kiss with a less then pleased Iris watching.

This show is clearly aimed at a younger audience than Arrow. Barry's love life is very Saved By the Bell.

    Wells is in his secret room, prepping a gun to kill Firestorm. He asks his A.I., Gideon if the tachyon device can be modified to act as a quantum splicer. Gideon advised him it may work but it will delay his timetable. he states if the city is destroyed there is no timetable.

At this point I was really bugged by Wells not realizing Barry could speed Martin/Ronnie to a deserted area.

    4. Joe and Cisco get closer to the truth about what happened to Nora Allen, however without the other blood type being matched they still can't free Barry's dad. I suspect Joe will want to try to get a sample of Well's blood, and good luck with that. If Well's/Reverse Flash figures out what Joe and Cisco are doing, he will use deadly force, particularly against Iris.

I think what they actually need from Wells is his DNA so they can prove definitively the blood is his. DNA is pretty easy to get.

    8. It is presumed now that the tachyon device Wells stole is now disabled as parts of it were used to make the device to try to split Firestorm. What affect this has on Wells/reverse Flash and his plans is not yet known.

Good point. I hadn't thought that one through.

    9. Would the mirror, it's residue and the subsequent holograms Cisco was able to create from it be enough to free Henry Allen? They can't use the blood stains on the wall as one is Barry's and the other doesn't match up with the criminal data base. However the blood sample that doesn't match up was still there and likely dates back to the murder, ergo it may be enough to cast enough doubt on the case for it to be reopened in a more official capacity, possibly enough to get Henry Allen free. If nothing else, it should merit another look by the judge of the case and the lawyers.

I don't think Barry's dad will be getting out of jail - except maybe in a pine box. Out of jail, he doesn't really have a place on the show. Barry gets all his day to day father figure interaction from Iris's dad.

I agree that Iris thought she was helping, but she really wasn't. She's a bit naive about a few things in life.

Barry's love life is definitely for the younger audience, we'll see how long it lasts. I still chuckle and how Cisco and Caitlin tried to warn him about the hazards of being too fast,.

Wells not realizing Barry could speed them to a safe area may not be an oversight. He did remind Barry that he cannot outrun a nuclear explosion....

However I would say at this point that Barry cannot outrun a nuke blast, however as he is still training and trying to figure his top speed AND that time travel is coming, I'd say soon he could outrun a nuke.

Back in the old comics, time and dimension travel as well as passing through walls were things Barry could do, at least pre-Crisis.

Getting Well's DNA should be easy. While he is at STAR LABS, Joe or Edward Thawne could slip into his home and swab his tooth brush or see if there are any hairs in his comb or sink or bathroom floor.

I can't see Edward doing this, but Joe might. Unless Joe convinces Barry to get the DNA. After all as a forensic cop, Barry could Flash in and out of Well's home real fast with the evidence.

Of course Wells/Reverse Flash likely has his home monitored by Gideon and any such entry would be reported to Wells.

Still what I also find is odd is that only Joe and Edward made notice of Wells claiming to be in the area of the exploding glass and not getting sliced at all. Barry as a foensic CSI guy should have seen that too, also Caitlin and Cisco are pretty dense for not noting it.

Barry's dad, he can't stay in jail forever. Joe really should check with a lawyer and a judge and have Cisco show them the technobabble science that created the holograms and tell them of the blood stains on the wall. I would think the mere presence of the blood stains should make a judge rethink the verdict, and Henry's lawyer when they learn of the blood should raise an unholy stink about wrong conviction and reasonable doubt. especially if the blood cannot be ID'd.

Obviously they cannot tell them about Barry's adult blood being there. but the untyped blood should be mentioned and get the legal wheels moving.

Henry Allen once free will want to spend some time alone, some time with Barry as well since they have a lot of catching up to do, then perhaps go travel for a time, or maybe get a security job at Mercury Labs and work for Tina McGee \:\)

Henry will aid Barry in an upcoming episode with the Trickster and mark hamill will be in jail as the previous trickster who also will be helping.

Also in all seriousness, if you never watched the old Flash tv series, watch the ones where Hamil was the Trickster and you will see that part likely helped him land the part of the Joker.

Hm, here's a thought: Henry Allen gets free from jail, but something happens and he is ill or hurt and needs a blood transfusion. Barry is compatible as he is his son, but Henry gets the blood and gains some super speed powers. He could suit up in a suit similar to Golden Age Flash for a few eps. \:\)

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