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Ep opens with flashbacks regarding Firestorm

Ep starts with Barry prepping for his date with Linda. He changes outfits so much that Joe wants to shoot him. Barry is on time for his date and they head out for some dinner and fun. She goes to the bathroom to freshen up, and Cisco calls him about a robbery in progress. He quickly zips out and back to his date.

They are walking and chatting when she gets a call from the paper and Joe calls Barry about a jumper. Barry zips the guy down to the street and the shocked man asks Detective Thawne if he can go back up to the roof.

Back to Barry's date, they kiss and she definitely wants a second date.

Ronnie confronts a man named Quentin Quayle. However, Ronnie is speaking things that Stein would know. The guy realizes it is Martin Stein, when Ronnie flares up.

Cisco and Barry talk about his date, and he and Caitlin politely and humorously warn Barry that his speed could be a problem.....with dates.... (figure it out, I don't need to describe it)

Cisco gets a call and leaves. They rest of them see a news report about how Quayle was injured.

Cisco meets Joe at Barry's old house where his mom was killed. Joe insists on not having Wells or Caitlin involved so that Barry doesn't find out. Joe is surprised at the woman who lives there, and she let's them check out the home.

At Star Labs, they are speculating about the Ronnie/Stein fusion and how they need to bring him in as of now. Barry sees a picture of Stein and realizes he saw him on the train the day the accelerator exploded. We get a flash back to that meeting. Stein and Barry chatted about Wells, the accelerator and physics. Stein planned to be there that night when the accelerator goes online. We see that Stein had a case labeled Firestorm with him. He arrived in time for the explosion and a device came out of the case, presumably the Firestorm Matrix. He held it in his hands as the power from the accelerator hit him.

They what with Stein's wife and how Stein had more awards then Wells. She confirms she has had no contact with him since he disappeared. They show her a picture of Ronnie, she recognizes it and they tell her he is a person of interest.

We then see Ronnie walking through the streets and catches a headline and realizes it has been a month. We see that Ronnie came back to Stein's home while she was there. Ronnit was speaking things that only Stein would know. She called the cops and he fled.

As Cisco and Joe look around, the woman of the house ( who is divorced) appears in a dress and asks them if they want something to drink. They politely decline and Cisco sees how she is eyeing Joe. They find a mirror on the wall that contains silver nitrate which may contain images of what happened that night.

Scene change to Linda arriving at Barry/Joe's place for their date. Barry tells her what he had planned for the night, when she pulls him to her, kisses him and they fall onto the couch......

Scene change, Wells and Caitlin chat on their stakeout. Wells is determined to save Ronnie and Stein. They see a flaming man arrive at Stein's house. At Barry's place they are making out and Barry is trying to keep from going too fast as it were......his phone lights up with a call from Caitlin and Wells and about Firestorm. Barry quickly apologizes and fumbles his way about the door and faces Firestorm. Barry tries to reason with him but that doesn't really work and of course the fight is on.

Firestorm flies away with Barry hanging on until he gets a fireblast in the face and dumped to the ground by Firestorm. Caitlin intervenes and Firestorm takes off. Barry is not thrilled....

Cisco has rigged a device to scan the mirror, he states the lightning struck about 10 times that night and he is hope to get pics and a hologram of what happened. They see the images and it is of Nora on the ground in terror as Reverse Flash is running around. They find via the images that some blood is on a wall behind some wallpaper. Joe is convinced it is from one of the TWO SPEEDSTERS that was there that night. (this confirms my other theory that Barry will timewarp back with RF to the night his mom was killed) Joe and Cisco are confident they have the killer. However there is the chance that blood could be Barry's.

Barry visits Linda at work and he apologizes again for leaving her. He assures her that she is special to him etc, when he gets a phone call and has to leave. Linda then chats with Iris about Barry and she mentions that Barry might be getting over some unrequitted love.....

Caitlin, Barry and Stein's wife have located Ronnie/Stein. Stein's wife talks to him, and he convinces her that it is indeed him, Professor Stein. She assures him/them that Caitlin and Barry can help them.

At Star Labs, Wells states Stein thinks nuclear Fission can separate them. Ronnie/Stein enters the room, having received a cocktail of anti psychotics and mood suppressors to stabilize their mind. Caitlin prepares to run tests, and Linda contacts Barry and tells him that they should not date as he is hung up on Iris. Barry confronts Iris and they chat about what she told her. Barry tells her that he no longer has feelings for her, she agrees and he leaves...however both are likely lying to each other.

Cisco determines two blood types from the samples, one is A positive and the other is the rare AB negative type. Cisco runs them through the criminal database, and Joe asks him to compare the blood to Dr Wells. Cisco gets a nice expression of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot on his face, and asks Joe what that is all about. Cisco is amazed at the request, Cisco defends Wells to Joe. Joe tells Cisco what it is like to be a cop and how to interrogate and read people. Cisco leaves.

Caitlin continues to test Ronnie/Stein and he comments how he has Ronnie's memories and that Ronnie does love her. Wells calls her to him and notes the instability in their merger and how a chain reaction is forming in Ronnie/Stein that could go nuclear.

Cisco arrives and sees Ronnie and learns that it is Stein's mind. Cisco goes to talk to them. Wells states it is only a matter of hours before they go nuclear. Wells informs them that splitting them may cause a nuclear explosion....unless the host body is non functional. They are horrified at the idea of killing the two of them. Caitlin is furious with Wells and demands they find another way.

Barry chats with Ronnie/Stein, Stein tells him that unstable fission was always a byproduct of the Firestorm research. Stein tells Barry he remembers him from the train ride. Stein gives him some advice about girls and Barry goes to Linda and tells him he will eat a super hot pepper if she doesn't date him again. he eats some of the pepper and rejects it in a funny manner. She agrees to date him and they kiss with a less then pleased Iris watching.

Wells is in his secret room, prepping a gun to kill Firestorm. He asks his A.I., Gideon if the tachyon device can be modified to act as a quantum splicer. Gideon advised him it may work but it will delay his timetable. he states if the city is destroyed there is no timetable.

Barry meets up with Wells and Caitlin, and Wells tells them he has a last minute plan but Firestorm is gone. They locate him about 30 miles from the city, with 12 minutes to detonation. Cisco and Wells finish the device, but Caitlin takes it and insists to go with Barry.

After they leave, a computer beeps and Cisco tells Wells the comm system is on the fritz. He leaves the room to call Joe and tells him one of the blood samples is a match......for BARRY ALLEN. Joe tells him Barry as a kid was there that night, Cisco tells him the blood has too muhc T16 proteins in it for a kid to have, and that it is from adult Barry Allen! (get ready for the time warp stories, fans!)

Ronnie/Stein is prepping a gun when Flash and Caitlin arrive. Stein tells him it is better if he ends it now, they tell him of the quantum splicer and how it could split them. She tells him he has nothing to lose, she tells Ronnie she loves him, they kiss and Stein states that was from Ronnie. She then puts the device on him. He begins to flare up and Barry takes Caitlin away. Firestorm goes nuclear and General Eiding and his crew detect the explosion and he tells his troops to mobilize and bring him FIRESTORM!

1. We are now getting closer to Firestorm being a stabilized character

2. The General wants Firestorm

3. Nothing overly sinister about Wells in this episode except for his wanting to kill Firstorm without trying to save them. We also get mention of a timeline that he is working towards.

4. Joe and Cisco get closer to the truth about what happened to Nora Allen, however without the other blood type being matched they still can't free Barry's dad. I suspect Joe will want to try to get a sample of Well's blood, and good luck with that. If Well's/Reverse Flash figures out what Joe and Cisco are doing, he will use deadly force, particularly against Iris.

5. Joe knows Wells is hiding things and his cop instincts are telling him that Wells is a guilty man about many things.

6. Barry enters the world of dating, while trying to do his job as a cop and as The Flash.

7. Caitlin and Cisco give some humourous advice to Barry about the....hazards....of moving "too fast" while on a date. With his accelerated metabolism, Cisco warns him he should think about dead puppies alot and Caitlin mentions cold showers.....Barry isn't quite getting it at first, but on his second date.....well let's just say he is starting to figure it out. This is actually something that really wasn't talked about on the old Flash series as Barry in the old series did have sex after gaining his powers, with no humorous or gruesome results. (Let us keep our minds out of the gutter please)

8. It is presumed now that the tachyon device Wells stole is now disabled as parts of it were used to make the device to try to split Firestorm. What affect this has on Wells/reverse Flash and his plans is not yet known.

9. Would the mirror, it's residue and the subsequent holograms Cisco was able to create from it be enough to free Henry Allen? They can't use the blood stains on the wall as one is Barry's and the other doesn't match up with the criminal data base. However the blood sample that doesn't match up was still there and likely dates back to the murder, ergo it may be enough to cast enough doubt on the case for it to be reopened in a more official capacity, possibly enough to get Henry Allen free. If nothing else, it should merit another look by the judge of the case and the lawyers.

When Dr Well was in his secret room, he stretched his arms up and put his hands behind his head. From the camera angle behind his head it showed a large flat gold ring. Is this possible a Legion ring with all the time travel stuff? Or maybe I got it wrong it was very brief.

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