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    It looks like future Barry may have somehow replaced past Barry at that moment but we shall see in the next episode as I believe that there are 2 Flashes now in that time period

I think it's more than likely two Flashes exist. But I guess we will see. I hope Barry saves Cisco. \:\)

    So let's recap a few things:

    1. Dr Wells states to Cisco that his true name is EOBARD THAWNE! Which means he is also known as Professor ZOOM aka The REVERSE FLASH!

I knew it! I was right! Once Wells was revealed to be the Reverse Flash, I just KNEW he had to be Eobard Thawne. Not that Zolomon guy, not Barry from an alternate universe. He was, and is, Eobard Thawne.

    2. Wells/Thawne states that he has been trapped in our century for 15 years and that he wants to go home and that he has been training Barry to go faster so that Barry can penetrate the time barrier and time travel!

This also creates an unanswered question. How did Wells go back in time to begin with if he can't return to his own time? Hmmm.

    3. Wells/Thawne states that Detective Eddie Thawne is a "distant relative", which again means that my theory that Detective Thawne is the linear ancestor of Reverse Flash is likely true, which means if Eddie dies, so dies Wells/Eobard Thawne

Yep. I don't think Eddie will die, though. \:\)

    4. Caitlin now knows something is up with Wells as she saw the empty wheelchair, however she is currently in Star Labs and Wells may still be there after dealing with Cisco.

Indeed. It'll be interesting to see what happens to her. I don't think she'll die, though. \:\)

    5. Is Cisco dead? Hope not, but he might be. The only hope he has for surviving at this point is that Wells/Thawne showed last minute mercy since he stated that Cisco was a surrogate son to him.....but he also did state that to him Cisco has been dead for centuries.....

Barry is in the past, he has a chance to change things. \:\)

    6. The media grows suspicious of Wells and that reporter claims to have secure digital footage of Wells and Stagg....

Uh oh...

    7. Any and all doubts that anyone has about Wells/Thawne arranging things to create the Flash and the other meta humans should now be erased.

All so Wells can go home. \:\)

    8. Wells/Thawne states his target that night was young Barry, and I also postulated that Barry will have to save his younger self but at the price of losing his mother.

From various articles I've been reading, this may not be the case. Flashpoint is on the rumor mill and that whole thing started with Barry saving his mother (if I remember correctly). So, that is a possibility. I really, REALLY hope not as Flashpoint sucked and brought us the New 52.

    Things are getting good!

Indeed, they are. Funny though. The writers promised us that this winter we would have a focus on Time Travel episodes. Yet, it's SPRING! Well, in two days according to the calendar. Close enough.

Do you like this show better than the 1990's Flash? \:\)

I look forward to next week's episode with great anticipation.

As to liking this series over the 90's Flash series, that is really an Apples/Oranges comparison.

The 90's series had a limited budget and the FX for the era are no where near what we have now. But to me it is a classic that is still watchable to this day and had plenty of easter eggs to the comic series.

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