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Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 at 10:01:01 am GMT (Viewed 463 times)
Reply Subj: Re: FLASH March 17th MAJOR EVENTS HAPPEN
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    So now comes the question: since Reverse Flash has stated he is stuck in our timeline, how did he get there in the first place?

    Well he has stated that he went back in time for the purpose of killing young Barry, reasons as yet unknown even though he is a sociopath that is fixated on Barry.

    Given that he has been trying to charge up with tachyon energy and speed force energy and that he mentioned in one episode that he is not stabilized and that he has also been shown as running out of energy, logic would dictate that sometime after becoming Reverse Flash in the future, that he charged up with speed force energy and time warped back to the past to kill young Barry.

Good reasoning! I agree!

I was confused as to why Wells would be trying to help Barry nowadays, if he went back in time to kill Barry as a boy. You've solved that conundrum by placing the murder attempt prior to all the helping. Well done!

    However the Barry we currently know goes back there and they will fight, with the result that young Barry is taken far away from the fight and Nora gets killed instead.

    I suspect that fight combined with the power drain of time travel caused Reverse Flash to be unable to return to his time due to intensive power drain. he is unable to absorb enough speed force or tachyons to power up to get home so he then realizes that he must continue to fulfill history as he knows it by creating the particle accelerator, make sure that it fails and creates both Barry and all other metahumans, then he must train Barry and make sure Barry stays alive since Barry essentially generates the speed force so that he can charge up and go home.

    He has stated he has been stuck here for 15 years so that tells me he drained his power time traveling back and fighting the Flash in the past.

I agree with all of that. Good reasoning.