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    So the more things change the more some things stay the same.

Last episode, Iris learned Barry is the Flash and expressed her true feelings for him. But now, she doesn't know and loves Eddie. I knew this would happen. Oh, so predictable. \:\)

    However Barry doesn't yet realize that he is in a time paradox regarding his mother. He will still go back one way or another and fight Reverse Flash to try to save his mom, however based on the fact that young Barry was whisked to safety in the fight and that Thawne did tell Cisco that his target was young Barry, history will still be fulfilled in that Barry's mom will die. Barry will not be able to save his young self and his mother.

Don't be so sure of that. Rumor is that the writers want to explore Barry actually saving his mother and ending up in an alternate reality (Flashpoint anyone?). I really, REALLY hope this is not true. If it does turn out to be true, I hope Barry ends up "fixing" his mistake by preventing himself from going back in time and saving his mother.

    Also Barry does not have a girlfriend now as he didn't think things through about the time changes and has lost Linda and Iris. Of course Caitlin is still around but she has eyes on Firestorm.....and Felicity is with Ray Palmer now.

I'm glad Barry is no longer dating Linda. Linda is Wally's girl, not Barry's.

    Also, Barry is now suspicious of Wells at long last.

It'll be interesting to see where this goes. Barry won't be so easy to take out as Cisko was.

    Now I shall pose a question that should cause some people to think:

Do I have a choice? ;\) Kidding. \:\)

    Wells is Eobard Thawne and is from the future and is trapped in our time as he can't power up to return home. he has knowledge of the future and of course is a reliable source to warn of changing time and altering history, but here is my question: DID WELLS/Thawne already know that Barry was going to alter a day of history in advance? Just how much of Barry's life as the Flash does he know about and have on file in his super computer? All of it or just pieces?

Very good questions. I think it's too early to tell exactly how much Wells does know about Barry. One thing is very clear, Dr. Wells did know Barry would get struck by lightning and seemed to know the day it happened as well.

Also, Barry didn't even have to say or do very much for Wells to deduce that Barry broke the time barrier. So, maybe he did know Barry would change a single day in history. Dr. Wells didn't even seem the least bit surprised.

Correct, Wells/Thawne did not seem all that surprised and even used the term "temporal reversion" which is interesting since time travel is only a theory as he stated a few episodes back.

Hopefuly Barry and Cisco will investigate Wells and the containment field.

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