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    Wells is Eobard Thawne and is from the future and is trapped in our time as he can't power up to return home. he has knowledge of the future and of course is a reliable source to warn of changing time and altering history, but here is my question: DID WELLS/Thawne already know that Barry was going to alter a day of history in advance? Just how much of Barry's life as the Flash does he know about and have on file in his super computer? All of it or just pieces?

I don't think Wells knows anything for sure about Barry's life in the current time line, because Wells changed everything when he went back in time, killed Barry's mother, and then stuck around. It's actually the sticking around that I keep thinking about. Well's didn't just cause one change in the time line and then disappear. He's been living in this time line ever since. Every day he changes something. I think the show is glossing over that fact.

I also think the show is glossing over the fact that Wells was instrumental in causing Barry to become the Flash. That couldn't have been the case in the original time line. How did Barry become the Flash in the original time line? We don't know, but we know this: Wells wasn't involved. He couldn't have been.

Finally, it bugs me a little that Wells seemed to be leaving a lot up to chance as far as Barry becoming the Flash. How could he have been sure that Barry would be in his lab at the fateful moment?