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    Now I shall pose a question that should cause some people to think:

    Wells is Eobard Thawne and is from the future and is trapped in our time as he can't power up to return home. he has knowledge of the future and of course is a reliable source to warn of changing time and altering history, but here is my question: DID WELLS/Thawne already know that Barry was going to alter a day of history in advance? Just how much of Barry's life as the Flash does he know about and have on file in his super computer? All of it or just pieces?

I think Wells knows full well Barry is capable of time-travel but is alarmed at his doing it so soon and with Wells powerless to influence or prevent it - it gives Barry power, with Wells being a potential powerless victim of its effect, as he was here.
Based on what this episode was structured around, and Wells' regular consultations with Gideon, it seems very clear that like Barry is experiencing Harrison Wells is changing his future just by being here and involving himself in affairs. Quite apart from that there is an obvious strategy at work as he steers the creation of The Flash and is careful to manipulate his career in a subtle way, it seems to be vital though that Wells does not alter the present and invalidate the future event of The Flash dissapearing in some Crisis - that appears to be a fixed point in time that Wells is careful not to jeapordise, for history's sake.
What surprised me is the admission last time that Wells is well aware of his role in Nora Allen's murder and to him is history. So if he already killed her and is currently waiting around for Barry to discover his time-travel abilities and head back in time to avert the murder it raises some complex issues concerning time-travel and cause and effect. Wells repeatedly stresses that time-travel creates paradoxes and chaos if careless, but note he also lets slip a comment about a time-traveller from the future being able to cause immense disruption due to their knowledge of the past.

It was a crackingly good episode, this series gets stronger all the time. \(beer\)