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    This was a very good episode. I like that Eobard Thawne looks like how he looked in the comic books. It doesn't seem likely that Barry is going to save his mother but is it possible that he will save the real Dr. Wells to keep the STAR Labs dynamic intact once the Reverse Flash is beaten? He could pluck him out of time just before his death and bring him to 2015...

That's kind of what I'm expecting. Barry stops Thawne and saves his mother and the real Harrison but when he gets back to the future he finds out something else eventually killed his mother anyways. Or he has to make the choice between saving the real Wells or his mother.

Dumb question...does the real Harrison know Cisco or Caitlin or did they only ever know Thawne?

Can barry even risk saving his mother though, as will that not cause some kind of flashpoint, and ca 2020?use maybe the Crisis to happen earlier, before he even became the Flash?

And why did RF travel back into time again, and what is/was the crisis event of 2020?