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Subj: It is quite possible that
Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2015 at 07:17:40 pm BST (Viewed 336 times)
Reply Subj: Re: And here's how that future newspaper reads...
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Enjoying the mid-season run far more that Marvel's SHIELD mid-season run so far! The whole changing future thing on Wells' secret room screen has been (unsurprisingly) very frustrating to rationalize. Especially with only a tidbits of DCU-TV temporal rules provided so far. Here was an interesting exchange on another forum - enlightening enough for sharing perhaps - along with a COOL KICKASS jpeg link to the tiny TV screen newspaper with a ..err.. 'zoom' in look at it!


    Anonymous 04/02/15
    So, in the original timeline
    -Wells builds the particle accelerator
    -Barry becomes the Flash
    -a "crisis" happens and Flash disappears
    -Could the time-travel fight between Barry and Zoom took place during the 2024 event?
    -It kinda seems weird that Barry first tries to stop Zoom from killing his younger self, but then runs away (like he has something more important to do?) and is leaving Zoom in young Barrys timeline (who could still kill him if he wanted to).

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)21:27:54 No.70871371
    The Crisis is probably linked to the particle accelerator explosion and now the timeframe has moved forward 5 years. Just like Arrow was planned for a 5 season-run (every season flashbacking one year on a hellish island), Flash has 4 years/seasons until the Crisis happens.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)21:33:57 No.70871556
    Is there any way to make the print legible? I'm sure it says something.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)21:38:33 No.70871698
    It was already established that the newspaper shows the current future, so the crisis is still going to happen in 2024, at least in the current timeline.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)21:41:30 No.70871795
    Basically the reason Wells wanted Barry to get his powers sooner is:
    A) He needs about ten years of speedforce before the crisis happens and the Flash Disappears.
    B) He needs to get out of there before the Crisis happens.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)21:41:39 No.70871799
    Who's Evan Gibson?

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)21:43:39 No.70871881
    Oh he's apparently a reporter from Green Arrow comics.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)21:47:02 No.70871999
    That is not the original timeline though. That is the events that happen after the accelerator was turned on in 2014.
    Remember when Barry lost his powers and the newspaper changed? It doesn't show the original timeline, it shows the future of the timeline Eobells is currently in.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)21:48:00 No.70872036
    So if, according to the current timeline, Flash (who should be at the top of his game, since he got his powers 5 years earlier and got trained by Wells) vanishes during the crisis... what could've happened in the original timeline (with a much less experienced Flash)?

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)21:50:44 No.70872135
    See, this is what confuses me. If the whole timeline was reset, and the whole Barry becoming the Flash happens 5 years earlier(with wells/thawne making the particle accelerator earlier), why hasnt the newspaper change to show these changes? It happened before in an earlier episode too.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)21:52:29 No.70872191
    Can I use this thread to say that I thought the moment Thawne impassionately looked at the dying Tess Morgan and blankly stated "This woman has been dead for centuries" perfectly defined that character for me? Like, the guy has no moral qualms with killing or letting people die whatsoever, not because he's a sociopath, but because to him, these people just don't even exist? What's a few decades of a life matter to a millennium?

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)21:53:51 No.70872233
    It did change though, we just don't know what the paper was before this. We have only seen the events in the paper after the explosion, and have no idea what it said in Eobard's original timeline.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)21:59:20 No.70872402
    2, technically 3, timelines. 1 where the accelerator is made in 2020 and one where its made in 2013/4.
    Trips confirm. But yes, something people in flash threads have trouble with is understanding that the newspaper is technically from "our" timeline. (How Gideon has a newspaper from our future if shes from another future is beyond us)
    We don't know any of that. However its plausible. OR OR OR. The flash vanishing is an anchor point in time. For Flash to vanish, means that Eobards future is still technically in tact.
    Really no way of knowing thus far. However, they have said that they plan on bringing Matt back for flashbacks(forwards?) which could give us perspective.
    What do you mean? The newspaper is from "OUR" timeline, not Eobard and Gideon's. Somehow Gideon has access to a future newspaper from our time (which makes no sense since shes from another timeline all together.
    Dubs confirms. Yeah this guy is correct. We have no way of knowing what the newspaper originally said or why its important to Eobard.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)22:00:30 No.70872446
    Imagine season 2 opens with a flash-forward to what happened in the original timeline before Barry and Zoom traveled back in time.
    >original Wells
    >Cisco as Vibe
    >Caitlin as Killer Frost
    The hype would break /co/ appart.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)22:07:31 No.70872670
    Old timelines get erased through time-travel, see "Out of Time".
    > Somehow Gideon has access to a future newspaper from our time (which makes no sense since shes from another timeline all together.
    Maybe it takes less energy/speed-force to get pieces of data (like newspapers) through time, than an actual object/person.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)22:09:09 No.70872726
    I just thought it was the McFly fading hand thing. Like she's a database from the future and when the future changes she does too and thus her data.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)22:09:34 No.70872734
    They are not erased though. They already confirmed that other timelines co-exist and we will see more from the Dead Cisco timeline later

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)22:14:46 No.70872968
    I'm thinking Zoom being stuck in the past and moving the accident forward actually made that Barry "disappear". Like how we saw Barry replace himself in the past.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)22:15:04 No.70872983
    Which old timelines are you referring to? The way i see it we've had 3. 1 2020 accelerator, 2 2014 accelerator, 3 Tsunami timeline. The 2020 and Tusnami timelines have effectively been "erased." They are still "there", as evidenced by our Cisco's Vibe glasses hypothesis, but they're not truly there.
    And the second part. That would be very creative and unique. Being able to imbue things with speedforce would be quite unprecedented....BUT how is Gideon connected to the future that she can access a newspaper from 2024 FROM OUR TIMELINE

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)22:16:17 No.70873016
    >Waynetech/Queen Inc Merge
    How come no one is talking about this? They just confirmed something Batman related for once in the show. SHAAAAAZAM! Although I'm glad they don't use a lot of Bat stuff, some mention would be okay.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)22:20:20 No.70873149
    >looked at the dying Tess Morgan and blankly stated "This woman has been dead for centuries" perfectly defined that character for me?
    I felt the same way. And that actor delivered that line perfectly cold and dead pan. Explains how little Zoom gives a damn too.
    Also is Tess Morgan significant? That name sounds awfully familiar from somewhere.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)22:20:54 No.70873170
    Well it seemed to straight up be killing Nora that changed things overall. If you watch closely where Barry drops his younger self off, you can still see him running in the background away from young Barry. At that point Zoom already killed Nora, so he's not erased just yet then. But the way you're thinking, older barry technically should've replaced his younger self when he went back.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)22:22:07 No.70873206
    I get the same feel though, but look at it this way, he's still Eobard's "soul" so to speak. He's like playing three characters at once. Eobard, Wells, and Eobard pretending to be Wells. I don't know how this master actor mentally prepares for that.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)22:22:36 No.70873215
    It feels empty seeing him now, but I suppose they've essentially merged Wells into Eobard so it's kinda ok, Eobard has Well's thoughts and his feelings towardds people like Tess

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)22:24:03 No.70873255
    Isnt Zoom a scientist and inventor? He could've easily upgraded Gideon and fueling it with his own speedforce for time-travel purposes

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)22:28:40 No.70873393
    The technology isn't so far fetched. I saw some science articles a few years back saying individual electrons can go backwards in time easily, theoretically and because of that, theoretically, INFORMATION can be sent back in time a lot more easily than people or things. Like how we're basically just looking at electrical signals transmitted over wires right now, you could transmit electrons back in time and form a binary code and build information. -- Something like that.

    Anonymous 04/02/15(Thu)22:31:59 No.70873502

I miss Dad and Dan.

In 2024, Barry will go out the same way he did in the original Crisis.

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