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Subj: Re: Speculation about Henry Allen on the series
Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2015 at 06:08:06 pm BST (Viewed 6 times)
Reply Subj: Speculation about Henry Allen on the series
Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2015 at 09:46:29 pm BST (Viewed 382 times)

    So far having John Wesley Shipp on the show has been a nice treat for fans of the 90's series and his character has been of some use aside from being an Easter Egg.

    For Season 2, I suspect Wells will have been outed as Reverse Flash and be out of Star Labs. Henry Allen will be cleared and released from jail.

    Henry Allen was a Doctor prior to what happened, and he was in awe of the equipment at Star Labs in the latest episode and mentioned how he wished he had that stuff when he was a Doctor.

    Perhaps Henry will take the place of Wells as the scientist/mentor for Barry? Granted he is a few years behind in terms of technology but he should be able to catch up. Also Barry I'm sure would love to have his Dad on the team.

But Henry's skillset isn't sharp. He's wasted half his life in prison. He hasn't been able to conduct an experiment in 20 years.

That's not someone you hand over the keys to a multi-billion dollar lab to and hope things work out.

    Also even if he is cleared and released and the courts, police and city all apologize to Henry, etc. there will be some that will still see the stigma on his name, so working at Star Labs may be the best choice for him.

I suspect Henry will eventually be killed off in season 2. Joe is Barry's father figure on the show. I suspect Henry being around will unmoor that relationship.

I hate to say this because it isn't what I want...but they've introduced time travel and they've let us know there is a real Harrison Wells.

We may get the real Harrison saved via time travel taking his imposters place. If we do get real Harrison to replace Eobard I hope that too is temporary. One thing you rarely see in these imposter replacement stories is finding out after the fact that the original is just as much a creep as the imposter if not worse.

    On a slightly funny note, Henry could get a small dose of speed force and then suit up in a version of the Golden Age Flash suit.