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The landing of Atom right at the start of the episode...

It draws from Superman's landing on the growing island of "New Krypton" in the movie Superman Returns. He lands hard and the ground underneath him cracks.

Same thing happens when Ray lands at Star Labs.

As for him being "Iron Man lite", yes, yes he is.

The story I've heard is that on Arrow they'd intended him to be Ted Kord and the suit would have made him the Blue Beetle...

Then someone at Time Warner said "You can't have Kord/Beetle".

So, the show-runners switched the character to the Atom, which really doesn't fit at all, unless they get him to the point where he can shrink. Once he's doing that, I can forgive the "Iron Man" stuff.

Besides, Ray being able to actually fly and not just leap (because of mass and weight control) is pretty neat.

Yeah isnt there some rights issues with Kord/Blue Beetle?

Anyway, he is indeed Iron Man lite right now. However once he examines the robot bee he will then be able to replicate its power source and apply it to the ATOM armor thus solving power problems.

Now he just needs to make the suit water proof and then get shrinking powers.

Got to admit, Stark did better building first the Mark 1 and Mark 2 armor in the movie, the only major flaw in the Mark 2 was the icing problem which he solved with Mark 3.

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