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Subj: Re: *Sigh* Once again.
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Reply Subj: *Sigh* Once again.
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    Is it just me, or is Atom iron man lite?

No, no he is not.

1. He looks nothing like Iron Man

2. He shoots lightning not repulsars

3. Even his flying his different. He has a jetpack on his back while Iron Man flies from his feet

4. Iron Man has a million abilities Atom does not have

5. Yeah, both are rich, inventing their armors but Stark is far more of a ladies man than Ray ever could be. Plus, Ray BOUGHT Queen Consolidated and turned it into his own company. He didn't build it from the ground up like Stark.

6. Stark is a recovering alcoholic. Ray is not

7. Ray has more of a child like outlook on the world while Stark does not.

8. Ray needed help to make his suit, Stark did not.

9. The look of the Atom and Iron Man is COMPLETELY different!

10. The place where each character shoots their main weapons from their hands is even different!

11. No Unibeam from the chest from Ray's suit, there is one for Iron Man!

12. Other than flight and some durability with some facial recognition software along with Telescopic sight, Atom's suit is barely more advanced than Armor worn by a member of a SWAT team.

13. So far, Atom has not even shown Superhuman strength in that suit, Iron Man has.

14. Both have completely different personalities.

15. The entire design, from the look to the colors, even the helmet, is different from Iron Man. Even that is different!

I could go on and on about their differences, but why bother? All everyone is seeing is a "man in an armored suit, oh hey that makes him IRON MAN!" And not willing to see the huge amount of differences between each character. Please people, stop looking at the "surface" of each character and look at the "details". The Atom is not a knock off of Iron Man, never was, never will be.

I rest my case.

You make valid points here, but the bottom line is that to a majority of viewers, Atom will still be seen as being IM lite, just as Sentry/Hyperion will be seen as superman lites!

To get away from that tag, they need to give Atom his shrinking powers like right now!

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