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    1. Until Ray starts shrinking down in size, his suit is a poor Iron Man imitation, flight, energy beams, quasi durability, sensors....yeah its Iron Man. I know some of you hate the comparison, but he is an Iron Man copy right now. However he has one of the tiny bees to study and plans to adapt its power supply to the ATOM armor

See my post below as to the man reasons why Ray's suit is nothing like Iron Man. The two have too many differences between each other. Please stop looking at the surface and examine the details and you'll see thre Atom is NOT a rip off of Iron Man. Never was, never will be. And if you all continue to ignore the details and not examine the huge amount of differences between the Atom and Iron Man then we're going to have to agree to disagree because we can all argue this point until we are all blue in the face. So, let's all drop it and agree to disagree. Moving on... \(euh\) \(euh\) \(euh\)

    2. Cisco having temporal flashbacks to the day Barry erased, interesting. Given that Cisco was dead and then not dead, this would explain it as the time stream may really have hiccuped over that.

This made no sense to me. How could he have temporal flashbacks when it "never happened" for him? Thus, "no memories" of the event were formed since it never happened. Time was changed, he shouldn't be experiencing this. There's a time where suspending disbelief for a Super-Hero show is called for (such as a man having Superspeed) but this was going way too far. It makes zero sense and it's a sign of some very sloppy writing. Especially since the writers didn't even give us an explanation of how this is possible (which I waited for and never got).

    3. Caitlyn and Cisco don't really know that Barry time jumped.

They probably will later down the road.

    4. Iris wants the truth and Eddie is getting mad, this bodes ill for Barry. and NO EDDIE IS NOT BECOMING REVERSE FLASH, HE IS THE ANCESTOR OF REVERSE FLASH, if Eddie dies so does Wells/Thawne.

Agreed. \:\)

And I'm also crossing my fingers that Eddie does NOT become "Hunter Zolomon" with his Time powers that makes him "seem" like he has Superspeed but doesn't (And Hunter Zolomon became the Reverse Flash for Wally West). I'm really, really, hoping the writers don't take Eddie in this direction.

    5. Nice to see Tina McGee again

Indeed. Love seeing her. \:\)

    6. it is unknown if she has another tachyon device, I suspect she does and Reverse Flash may well start searching Mercury Labs for it. This could lead to some time travel

As was promised, but then broken. We were supposed to have some time travel episodes in the winter, but only got one and it was spring, really late winter, when that episode aired and haven't gotten another one since.

    7. Barry tells Felicity about Wells, dangerous move given that she sometimes has a slip of the tongue and blurts things out

Not really. She's hardly ever seen in Central City, so it's safe with her.

    8. Barry is slowly prepping to face Wells/Reverse Flash.

Funny. I didn't see him training in this episode for that purpose.



    9. As Sethno pointed out to me, In Cisco's Flashbacks/deja vu, he does remember that Wells revealed himself as Reverse Flash before he was killed by RF

Which doesn't make sense because it never happened.

    10. Cisco and Ray both name the villain at the same time.

That was cool. \:\)

    Things are building up nicely, looking forward to the season finale.

As am I.

Not that I agree with this method, but I suspect what they'd give as a way of explaining Cisco's memories is the fact that the events DID happen, and now those same moments in time are being over-written, with "echos" of the former timeline bleeding thru to the newly written one.

(In the comics, Batman once saw, for a moment, Kathy Kane's Batwoman in the post-Crisis timeline, even tho' she had never been Batwoman in that timeline and now was dead. He'd been in a spot known for having "weak temporal fabric" or something like that. And not only did Batman see her, he immediately recognized her and knew who was under the mask. A moment later he didn't even remember seeing her, let alone knowing who it was.)

I mean, Barry saw himself running down the street alongside him when he hadn't done the time travel thing yet, and when he DID finally find himself running down that same street a second time...and stopped...he wasn't alongside the slightly younger version of himself, he seemed to have MERGED with that version.

I'd said before I hate it when writers don't think out or fully understand how time-travel SHOULD work ( it's a real thing) and go off track, depicting something that makes no sense.

To be honest, tho', I think the "bleed-thru" theory with Cisco is better than any way they might have of explaining Barry seeing his slightly older self before the time-traveling even happened yet (because that makes NO sense at all).