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Subj: Re: FLASH April 21
Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2015 at 08:34:37 pm BST (Viewed 307 times)
Reply Subj: FLASH April 21
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    1. Canary gets a major sonic upgrade from Cisco, better range, better resonance, if the sonic wasn't lethal before it sure is now. Also it looks like she can wear it on her neck so presumably she has to literally scream to make it work just like in the comics and JL cartoon

Well...technically not exact since in the comics and the cartoon her sonic cry is a superpower while on the show it'll be tech based. ;\)

But I get your meaning. It's awesome and it's about time. I was hoping she'd get an actual super power but this works too. \:\)

    2. They have found Wells' body, DNA has confirmed it. Lance agrees with Joe's request to not alert the cops even though he isn't fully told why but agrees to keep Laurel safe. Lance also gets advice from Joe about family matters so perhaps things will get better with him and Laurel. I'm also having trouble pinpointing where this minor crossover occurs in the Arrow timeline, before or after the events of Rha's.

Most likely during. ;\)

    3. Caitlyn is now firmly on their side.

Good. She needs to be if this is all going to work. Did you notice Caitlyn's nice blue clothes? When I saw the colors, I immediately thought of her future evil persona Killer Frost. I thought it was a nice subtle easter egg to what she becomes later down the road.

    4. They have found the secret room and the Reverse Flash suit and the computer opens to show the headline where Barry disappears in 2024. Cisco's comment of "What the frak!" is rather appropriate at this scene.

Indeed, it was appropriate and obviously he's a fan of Battlestar Galactica. \:D

I think it's awesome they found the room. Dr. Wells cannot possibly hide now and from the previews for the next episode, things are finally heating up. \:\)

    5. Possible romance with Caitlyn and Barry, even though it was fake Barry that kissed her. She is definitely confused about how she feels and when Barry finds out that should play with his head too.

Indeed. If they even get into a romance, it'll be brief.

    6. Wells/Thawne SEEMS unaware of what is going on, however when he opened the door just after Barry zipped Caitlyn away the look on his face....can't tell if he was puzzled or if he somehow sensed Barry was there.

I say puzzled. Speed powers don't give someone a "sensing" ability ;\)

    7. Wells/Thawne apparently has no alarm system on his secret room, unless he gets alerted next episode and comes running.

Very possible. \:D

    The Everyman plot, this was mainly something to keep Wells and Caitlyn occupied while Joe and Cisco went to Starling City. Intersting plot and it had Wells/Thawne's attention since if Eddie didn't get his name cleared and it would have affected Wells/Thawne as he is the direct descendant of Eddie Thawne. Wells/Thawne may have had to action of his own if Eddie wasn't cleared.

Perhaps. And Eddie seems to have gotten back together with Iris. Good. \:\)

    Also for those that wonder, I call him Wells/Thawne since technically he is both persons. Once Wells/Thawne is fully outed and he literally drops the Wells disguise/DNA then I'll just call him Eobard Thawne/reverse Flash.

Makes sense. ;\)

It's interesting that a hero/villain performs one amazing feat, or use a power they haven't used for 20+ years, and that automatically propels them to a high status despite scans and evidence to the contrary. I don't know what is worse, selective feat picking that has only been done once or twice 20, or more, years ago or ignoring evidence from scans or the lack thereof. We need to stop putting our favorite heroes/villains on pedestals and start putting them where they really belong. But it's evident that people never will because they would rather accuse others of cherry picking feats, when they don't, and being 'morally superior' when they aren't. I guess being honest and as fair as possible only opens one up to being the target of childish accusations and fault finding by those who insist on acting petty and childish. What happened to a good debate between two civil, mature, adults?
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